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Nov 19, 2013

Technicolor Trippin - Epic Nail Foil Transfer: Pipe Dream

This awesomely multicoloured foil transfer is Pipe Dream from the Epic Nail Essentials Kit I mentioned last week. Fully metallic nail foils can be a bit of a pain to transfer cleanly, so let's see how I went with it...

[Roll to nail: Epic Nail Pipe Dream]
Pipe Dream and I didn't start out on great terms, unfortunately. The rolls of transfer foil are taped shut with a transparent piece of tape marked "OPEN" with an arrow indicating the direction you should undo it from. This is pretty useful, but in this case, it was a bit of a problem as it stuck TOO strongly to the foil.

[Tape Issues]
When I pulled it off, it stuck so strongly to the top transparent layer (above the patterned transfer) that it detached it from the pattern. However, I didn't lose that much and I could still use the bits around it that remained whole. Still, something to consider!

[Foil transfer: Epic Nail Pipe Dream]
Aside from that little kink, application wasn't too difficult for this one! I definitely found it a bit more delicate than Winter Is Coming, but I'm not sure how much of that is down to the initial tape problem loosening the pattern from the transparent plastic layer!

[Foil transfer: Epic Nail Pipe Dream]
You can see a bit of patchyness where it didn't transfer properly. Some of that was due to the foil flaking off even before the transfer, and some was because of how curved some of my nails are (my index finger, in particular). Check it out though! It was so super colourful, shiny and eyecatching once applied. The patches are totally not as noticeable in real life.

[With topcoat: Epic Nail Pipe Dream]
I did attempt to test some top coats over these foils, but unfortunately, most of my topcoats are quick dry so they wrinkled the metallic foil like nobody's business. Sometimes I find it looks quite interesting though, so you could try out the crinkly look intentionally, if you like!


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