; Plisherrific: January 2016

Jan 25, 2016

Star Party - Sally Hansen Spark, Polish Me Silly Fun House

Okay, we're getting to more recent manis now. Here's a layering combo I wore recently!

[Flakie paradise]
Can't really go wrong with a dark base and flakies, then a matte topcoat!

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen Spark (2 coats)]
I started with a two coats of Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Spark. Spark is a lovely deep blue with lots of fine pink and blue glitter which gives it a little hint of blurple in the light

[2 coats: Sally Hansen Spark]
Good opacity in two coats and dried quickly. You can see my test nail there...

[Bottle to nail: Polish Me Silly Fun House (1 coat, mattified);
Base: Sally Hansen Spark (2 coats)]
This here is another lovely gift from Jme last year! I'm getting through them slowly but surely!! =) This is Fun House from Polish Me Silly, a clear base packed with green, pink and blue duochrome flakies. These photos are all one coat dabbed.

[Base: Sally Hansen Spark (2 coats); Flakie: Polish Me Silly Fun House (1 coat; mattified)]
In the top photo, I've put matte topcoat over the ring finger but not the rest, just to show the difference. The last photo shows them all mattified - but I reckon it's gorgeous both ways!

Jan 21, 2016

Moss in the Misty Morn - Emily de Molly Insipid

What is this prettyyyyyy?

[3 coats of Emily de Molly Insipid]
This pretty is Emily de Molly's Insipid. My photos do it no justice whatsoever. My camera doesn't capture multichrome flakies very well.

Insipid is this mixture of flakies that colour shift from bronze to gold to pink to green. The prominent shades are bronze and green. I could get full coverage in three coats, utilizing a little bit of the dabbing application.

[3 coats of Emily de Molly Insipid]
Isn't it such a brilliant green when seen from the edges? You can also see that the colour shift is very prominent. There are glimpses of the pink and teal flakies from some of these photos, they're not easy to catch.

As always, Emily de Molly's nail polish is a joy to own and I just want more all the time!

Jan 18, 2016

Flashback Fun - Essie Da Bush, Zoya Yara, Zoya Logan, Sinful Colors Rise & Shine, NYX Girls Gilded Glitter

Okay, this here is a fairly old set of photos... over 3 years old, oh dear... So I'm going to try my best to remember what polishes I used for this set of skittles!

[Gold splash]
Okay, ignoring the fact that all of them have a generous coat of gold flake topper over them... From pinky to index, I'm pretty sure it was Essie Da Bush, Zoya Yara (on both ring and middle) and Zoya Logan.

[Pinky to thumb: Essie Da Bush, Zoya Yara x 2, Zoya Logan, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine;
Flakie: NYX Girls Gilded Glitter]
Hmmm... I thiiink the thumb may be Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, which really doesn't match the rest! What was I thinking! =p Probably that I had a whole lot of greens on my desk at the time and that I wanted to use them allllllll~

[Pinky to index: Essie Da Bush, Zoya Yara x 2, Zoya Logan;
Flakie: NYX Girls Gilded Glitter]
The gold flakies are from NYX Girls Gilded Glitter. Isn't it lovely! I'm kinda inspired to dig it out again and slap it over a nice rich blue... possibly with a matte topcoat over!

Jan 14, 2016

The Glitter in Absinthe - W7 Fairy Tale

I couldn't resist it in the end because it looks so pretty in the bottle.

[W7 Fairy Tale in three coats]
This is W7's Fairy Tale, a jelly teal polish with gold and green holo glitter. The polish is certainly packed with glitter but the base is definitely a jelly that doesn't reach full opacity even with three coats. It makes for a very pretty jelly polish or to go on top of a base polish if one prefers opaque manis.

Jan 11, 2016

Full Metal - Gold Dots Holo Nail Foil

Evidently, I'm not quite done with the blingy gold manicures just yet! 

Here's a simple nail foil manicure featuring a large particle holo effect in a metallic gold shade. As usual, check out our Foils tag for more nail foil manicures and how-to-apply.

[Nail foil: Gold Dots (holo)]
I actually used this to test Picture Polish's Revolution, which is listed as a "glitter base coat + foil top coat". I was really hopeful that this would not dull the holo or wrinkle the foil!

[Nail foil: Gold Dots (holo)]
Weeellll, it didn't quiiite wrinkle the foil completely nor remove the holo, but you can see that it's just a bit less metallic and holo than we started with. More of a brushed metal look than megabling. Still, it's not toooo bad! I think I'll have to experiment more!

Jan 7, 2016

Sparkling Dark - W7 Midnight Debris

Let's bring on the shiny!

[2 coats of W7 Midnight Debris on black]
These photos are from ages ago so I can't remember what black nail polish I used as the base, but that's not thaaaaaaat important, right? I hope you guys aren't here for my black base nail polishes!

Anyway, this is W7's Midnight Debris, which I think is a rather cute name. Midnight Debris is a glitter topper, with magenta, green, silver and holo hex glitter in a clear base.

[2 coats of W7 Midnight Debris on black]
W7's nail polishes smell a bit funky but the glitter payload for this one is pretty good. Very nice and dense. It was easy to apply and easy to smooth out with a quick dry top coat. I liked the colour combination and thought this was a pretty good purchase for its price.

Jan 4, 2016

Party Central - Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo

Yay, Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a fabulous silly season~ I'm sure a lot of us are very reluctantly headed back to work this morning... ;)

[Bottle to nail: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo (2 coats)]
Also, what better way to ring in a bright shiny new year with a bright shiny holographic polish! Lacquistry Amazeballz: Original is already a spectacularly reflective full-coverage gold flake polish (check it out here!), but with the addition of holographic glitter, it kinda goes into full-on party mode, so what better polish to use for the holidays than Amazeballz: Holo!

[2 coats: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo]
Much like the original version, Amazeballz Holo is easy to apply, quick to dry and opaque in two coats. The holographic particles are scattered, giving a nice twinkly effect but not overwhelming the gold flakes.

[2 coats: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo]
Wear was also pretty good. I had this on my nails from before Christmas to after the New Year with minimal chipping. Removal can get a little messy with tiny gold flakes hanging around persistently, but nothing too hard to deal with.

[2 coats: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo]
Anyway, my polish resolution is to get back into stamping and other assorted nail art techniques. There've been so many amazing and creative methods in the last year or two and I really need to sit down and give 'em all a try!