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Nov 15, 2013

Foil Fancy - EpicNail nail foil kit overview

Jme and I were recently contacted by the team over at Epic Nail (love the name!) and they generously provided us with one of their nail transfer foil kits for review! We'll be testing out these transfer foils over the next week or so, but until then, check it out!

The kit arrived in the form of a sturdy white box with EpicNail printed over the top. I love the fact that it's a flip-top magnetic closure and you can reuse it for storage!  

We also received a couple of information cards. I was very impressed by the quality and thought that went into designing these. They're very colourful and easy to read - and helpful too...

There are illustrated instructions on how to apply nail foil transfers, which are really useful for newbies! There's also instructions for applying them by dabbing (I'll have to try that!) as well as for removal.

Also, a colour chart of all the transfer foils available in their online store! A lot of these are ones I haven't seen before in other stores or on eBay so if you're on the look out for something different, you might find it here.

We requested the Essentials kit, which contains 6 different patterns (all 4cm x 100cm), a bottle of nail foil glue (about 5-8ml?) and a pack of orange sticks. I was a little concerned when I first received the parcel in the mail because I could hear things rattling around! It's a fairly big box and aside from what is in the photo, there's no other packing material. However, the only breakable item is the glue bottle and that was packed safely in bubble wrap so everything arrived safely!

These are the patterns in the Essentials kit! Based on the colour chart provided, these are (from left to right), I Heart You, Pipe Dream and Nautical. I Heart You features holographic silver hearts on a dark pink matte background, so cute! Pipe Dream is a multicoloured blend of shiny foil and Nautical has stripes of matte blue, red and white interspersed with some glossy silver.

The other three are Winter Is Coming, In The Jungle and All Laced Up. These are gorgeous! All feature holo backgrounds, with a pixelated diamond pattern on Winter Is Coming, red and black leopard print on In The Jungle and a very pretty floral lace design on All Laced Up.

There was also a generous sample provided of two nail foil patterns; I Heart You and On The Catwalk. I Heart You is part of the Essentials Kit, but On The Catwalk is different, featuring black leopard print on a silver holo background. Depending on the width and length of your nails, there's enough provided for one to two full manicures.

We'll have our reviews and manis using these transfer foils up soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the Epic Nail website or find them on Facebook to see all the different products they have available! Epic Nail also offers same day dispatch to Australia and New Zealand on all orders, and a 30 day money back guarantee on all products.
But... that's not all! Epic Nail has kindly provided a coupon code for use till the 31st of December! Just enter BLOGPLISHERIFFIC into the coupon code box prior to checkout to get free shipping on all orders with a product total of $30 or over. Yayyyyy~ =)

edit (24/11/13): We now have reviews of all six foils in the Essentials kit up! Check it out!


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