; Plisherrific: March 2016

Mar 31, 2016

Serenity in Space - Dance Legend Intergalactic

Yesssssssssssss, purple polish!

[Dance Legend Intergalactic]
This is Dance Legend's Intergalactic from their Round Space collection. It has a purple jelly base with gold and silver holo round glitter and smaller silver hex glitter.

[Dance Legend Intergalactic]
As I needed three coats of Intergalactic for full opacity. I love a true purple polish, but I have to say that I think Annihilation from the same collection looks better. Annihilation seemed to have more glitter to polish ratio. While Intergalactic is pretty, it lacks the same blingy oomph that Annihilation managed to pack. But hey, a pretty purple polish is nothing to sneeze at too.

Mar 28, 2016

Gold Overdrive - China Glaze Goldie But Goodie, Sally Hansen Gilded Lily

You know what makes a shiny polish even better? More shiny, of course!

[Bling it on!]
 And there's nothing quite like a nice set of gilded nails to brighten up your day!

[Bottle to nail: China Glaze Goldie But Goodie (1-2 coats)]
Here's what I started out with - China Glaze Goldie But Goodie, what an adorable name! This polish is a metallic gold foil but with bonus gold and silver flakes which lightens up the colour some.

[1-2 coats: China Glaze Goldie But Goodie]
Strangely, it's still a bit of an antique gold finish. Nice and opaque, I can't remember if I used 1 coat or 2, but anyway, no problems at all with application. Good dry time and relatively smooth finish as well. But what next...?

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen Gilded Lily (1 coat)]
Base: China Glaze Goldie But Goodie (1-2 coats)
A bright shiny rich gold flake to go over the top! This is Sally Hansen Gilded Lily from the Complete Salon Manicure Range. This polish is a dupe for many others such as OPI Goldeneye and Orly Glitz and Glamour. It could probably be built up to a full manicure but I just used one coat over the top of CG Goldie But Goodie here.

[Base: China Glaze Goldie But Goodie (1-2 coats);
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Gilded Lily (1 coat)]
Super pleased with the added shiny! No fishing around for flakes required, decent dry time and dries smooth, so overall a good purchase and likely cheaper than the OPI/Orly. I did stamp over this manicure, so check out next week's post for that!

Mar 22, 2016

Low-rise Skinny - Maybelline Color Show Denims Styled Out

The cool change had me a bit under the weather so I completely forgot about preparing a post for Monday - so here's a quick one just a wee bit late!

[Where my 501s at?]
I originally did this to stamp over but ended up not being home very much that week and so it remained a plain manicure from start to finish.

[Bottle to nail: Maybelline Color Show Denims Styled Out (1 coat)]
This is Maybelline Color Show Denims in Styled Out. I love this concept! It's a deep blue, slightly desaturated with tons of heavy silver shimmer. The end result really looks like a dark wash denim.

[1 coat: Maybelline Color Show Denims Styled Out]
Great formula, opaque in one careful coat and quick drying to boot. This actually dries slightly matte as you can see and it lasted over a week without topcoat before I removed it for something new! All in all, a great shade and polish.

Mar 18, 2016

Daydream - Polish Me Silly Fantasy

I tried another beautiful flakie from Polish Me Silly. Here we go!

[Base coat: Maybelline Twilight RaysTop coat: Polish Me Silly Fantasy]
Polish Me Silly's Fantasy has blue-green-purple multichrome flakies in a clear base. The colour shift is stunning and the colour seems to stand out more because of the large flakes.

I love it. Some of the pretties flakies I've seen!

Mar 14, 2016

Spiral In - Australis Friend Like Me, Mundo de Unas Iris, Born Pretty BP-L004

A follow-up post from last week - stamping!

[Swirly whirly]
I'm pretty pleased with this one, got a lot of comments on it from people so definitely one of my more successful stamping attempts...

[2 coats: Australis Friend Like Me]
Quick recap of my base shade from last week - Australis Friend Like Me, a pale cornflower blue creme.

[Bottle to nail: Mundo de Unas Iris; Plate: Born Pretty BP-L004;
Base: Australis Friend Like Me (2 coats)]
I stamped over this with Mundo de Unas Iris, a gorgeous bright blue that pops against the pale base. This is the first MdU stamping polish I've tried and I am super duper impressed. Like whoa!!

[Stamping: Mundo de Unas Iris; Plate: Born Pretty BP-L004;
Base: Australis Friend Like Me (2 coats)]
The pattern is once again from Born Pretty plate BP-L004. I'm really getting great use out of this one plate!! Maybe I should make it intentional and aim to use every pattern on the plate!

Mar 10, 2016

Road Trip - Dance Legend Highway

Look at this beauty from Dance Legend! And it's not just because it's purple, my favourite colour. :P

[Dance Legend Highway]
So this is Highway from Dance Legend's City Lights collection. It's a deep royal purple jelly and it's full of copper-gold-green iridescent square glitter and an electric blue microglitter. It's a lovely combo.

[Dance Legend Highway]
You can just see the green of the square glitter at the more acute angles. Dance Legend's consistency is great as always and the application is smooth and lovely. You can see Ev's lovely swatches of other nail polishes from the same collection here and here.

Mar 7, 2016

Lighten Up - Australis Friend Like Me

I've been working on building up my collection of basic cremes now that I'm concentrating on getting my stamping down pat. It's going pretty well!

[Bottle to nail: Australis Friend Like Me (2 coats)]
Today I have Friend Like Me by Australis - a lovely pale cornflower blue creme. It's such a striking shade, somehow being both extremely light, but still distinctly blue.

[2 coats: Australis Friend Like Me]
This was two thin coats, good opacity and dries nice and glossy.

[2 coats: Australis Friend Like Me]
I do have a pretty good stash of no-fuss Rimmel and Australis creme polishes for stamping bases now! So check out next week's post for what I added on top of this one!

Mar 4, 2016

Space Peacocks - Polish Me Silly Kaleidescope, Maybelline Twilight Rays

I've been polished silly by this shiny multichromes!

[Base coat: Maybelline Twilight Rays
Top coat: Polish Me Silly Kaleidescope]
This is Polish Me Silly's Kaleidescope (as spelled on the bottle) and it is a beauty of a multichrome. It colour shifts from blue to purple to copper-gold. Kaleidescope consists of fine multichrome flakies and I've layered it over a black base because I think it would take too many coats to achieve full opacity. I used Maybelline's Twilight Rays as a black base because I've run out of plain black nail polish. Twilight Rays has some fine gold glitter in it, but they're not very visible and were completely covered up by Kaleidescope.

[Base coat: Maybelline Twilight Rays
Top coat: Polish Me Silly Kaleidescope]
I love flakie multichromes because there's texture plus a beautiful colour shift.

Oh, these photos are rather old so that's henna from my workplace celebrations of Diwali last year. :)