; Plisherrific: September 2014

Sep 29, 2014

Sea Glass - LA Girl Delirious, Australis Speck-tacular

Here's a polish I picked up a while ago but didn't get around to using (for a full mani) till recently!

[Bottle to nail: LA Girl Delirious (2 coats)]
This is LA Girl Delirious from the Color Addict collection. If I remember correctly, the polishes from this collection tended to be creams with heavy gold shimmer. Delirious is no exception!
[2 coats: LA Girl Delirious]
This one's a pretty blue-leaning aqua, on the slightly dustier side, with heavy golden shimmer. It's much clearer on the nail than my photos show, but if you look at the bottle pic right at the start, you can see a big flash of the gold shimmer under the Color Addict logo. No problems with formula - full opacity in two coats with reasonable dry time and lots of gloss!

[Base: LA Girl Delirious (2 coats); Flakies: Australis Speck-tacular (1 coat)]
I think I was looking over some old posts and wanted to try Australis Speck-tacular out again, so I did! I've previously reviewed Speck-tacular here, but quick reminder.. it's a mix of orange, blue, green and gold flakies with a light dash of duochrome in there. This here is one coat of Speck-tacular.

I don't think this is a particular memorable manicure for some reason! I'll have to experiment with this base colour a bit more, I reckon!!

Sep 25, 2014

Rough Skies - The Face Shop Trendy Nails GL1019

[Trendy Nails GL1019]
The Face Shop calls their newer nail polishes Trendy Nails. This particular colour is just called GL1019 from the Glitter Brilliant collection.

It's obviously a type of 'liquid sand' polish but instead of foil or glittery shades, this is completely matte and pastel. I wasn't sure if it would look too rough but I think this really does make an interesting textured polish like this. Glittery or shiny textured polishes can almost pass as normal while this one really stands out. I kept looking at my nails and thinking it looked like chalky powder of some sort, which entertains me for some reason.

Sep 22, 2014

Tactile Reptile - Orly Glitz and Glamour, Snakeprint foil transfer

What better way to add to a foil, than to add a foil (transfer)!

[3 coats: Orly Glitz and Glamour]
Here's what I posted last week - Orly Glitz and Glamour, a heavy gold large-particle polish.

[Base: Orly Glitz and Glamour (3 coats); Foil transfer: Snakeprint]
I decided to put a gold/bronze foil transfer in a gorgeous snakeprint pattern over this. For application tips and previous foil transfer manicures, check out our foil transfers tag! Jamie has previously used this foil pattern before, so you can also have a look at her mani here!

[Base: Orly Glitz and Glamour (3 coats); Foil transfer: Snakeprint]
This was an easy foil transfer to use. Not quite sure why it looks so wrinkled in my photos! As far as I can remember, application was pretty easy and smooth. I still haven't gotten around to purchasing a decent topcoat for foil transfers though so I really should get onto that to avoid wrinkling the foils after application!

Sep 18, 2014

Twinkle, Twinkle - A'pieu Twinkle Nail Touch G13

Nail polish from abroad!

[A'pieu Twinkle Nail Touch G13]
We went to South Korea and Japan recently and this is the stash of nail polish I came back with!

[Nail polishes from Korea and Japan]
[A'pieu Twinkle Nail Touch G13]
This nail polish is from Korea, and it's made in Korea too. It's from the brand A'pieu, and I think the collection is called Twinkle Nail Touch. Considering the shininess, it's an appropriate name! Korean nail polishes don't tend to name their polishes, but they do use numbers sometimes. I'm guessing this one is G13, based on its label.

The polish is a darker navy blue in real life, my camera just caught the blue so prettily here. It has holo glitter of different sizes, predominantly a blue-greeny holo glitter that I quite like, which is why I bought it. Full opacity in two coats and it has a good balance of glitter versus base to make it look like a starry night mani.

Sep 15, 2014

Treasured Tips - Orly Glitz and Glamour

So I fell in love with the brilliant gold of OPI Goldeneye but after doing some quick swatch searching, I found out about Orly Glitz and Glamour, which apparently takes the foil particle density up a notch! 

[Bottle to nail: Orly Glitz and Glamour (3 coats)]
Glitz and Glamour is a warm yellow-gold shade made up of large particle foil flecks. This large-particle finish is one of my favourite finishes as it definitely brings the bling. Other favourites of mine that are similar are OPI DS Glow and OPI Warm and Fozzie.

[3 coats: Orly Glitz and Glamour]
Formula is good, but this polish needs three coats for full opacity, which is what I used here. You can increase the density of the particles by going for more coats which shouldn't be too much trouble as the formula is fairly thin with reasonably quick dry time.

[3 coats: Orly Glitz and Glamour]
As with all polishes with this finish, removal can be a bit messy! Those little gold flakes get everywhere! Definitely much easier to remove than a glitter polish though, and for that sparkly payoff, it's worth it!

Sep 11, 2014

Starry Night - Ozotic 529, Orly Naughty Or Nice

I found a bottle of duochrome microglitter which I suspect I haven't tried before hahaha, so I'm taking it for a spin here.

[Top: Ozotic 529
Base: Orly Naughty or Nice]
This is Ozotic 529 over Orly Naughty Or Nice.

[Orly Naughty Or Nice]
Orly's Naughty Or Nice is a very, very dark maroon, more like black with a hint of maroon. It applies so easily and dries to such a nice glossy finish.

[Top: Ozotic 529
Base: Orly Naughty or Nice]
Ozotic 529 is a purple-pink to gold duochrome microglitter in a clear base. Very pretty but rather subtle if you're an arm's length away from it.

Sep 8, 2014

Juicy Shine - Maybelline Cuddle Me Mauve, PA AA38

I went on a flakie kick for a bit (I'm working up to glitter manis at work... just watch me go!)... and here's one of my manis using a flakie topper.

[Bottle to nail: Maybelline Cuddle Me Mauve (2 coats)]
As a base shade, I used Maybelline Wet Shine in Cuddle Me Mauve. An adorable name and a gorgeous polish. Cuddle Me Mauve is a dusty pink creme filled with subtle gold sparkles. Very pretty, very worksafe.

[2 coats: Maybelline Cuddle Me Mauve]
Cuddle Me Mauve has a pretty good formula and reaches opacity in two coats. It also dries glossy, as the name suggests!

[Base: Maybelline Cuddle Me Mauve (2 coats); Flakies: pa AA38]
To add a bit more sparkle to this mani, I put on a layer of orange-to-green duochrome flakies by PA in shade AA38. I purchased this in Japan at Don Quixote! I know some Japanese stores in the US do stock PA flakies, and I've seen PA polishes in stores in Sydney but not the flakie range so far.

[Base: Maybelline Cuddle Me Mauve (2 coats); Flakies: pa AA38]
At any rate, these flakies are fairly small in size and apply smoothly, no trouble at all! This combination blends well with my pinkish base shade so it doesn't stand out too much, while lending a bit of extra oomph to a regular work mani. =)

Sep 4, 2014

Blood Splatter - Color Styles 36, Kleancolor Metallic Black

This is an interesting polish I picked up from Paddy's Market in Sydney.

[Base: Kleancolor Metallic Black
Top coat: Color Style 36]
The base is Kleancolor Metallic Black, but I can't tell you what's the exact name of the red flakey glitter polish. The brand and number is photographed below:

[Unknown 36 polish]
[Base: Kleancolor Metallic Black
Top coat: Color Style 36]
Number 36 has shiny red mylar-ish flakes in a clear base, and hey, it's actually pretty different to the multichrome flakies. This is pretty interesting too, and I like how punky it looks. I might have to go back to get the other colours!

Sep 1, 2014

Night Thrills - HITS Twist

My photos this week don't do this gorgeous polish justice! Let me assure you that this is lots better in person!

[Bottle to nail: HITS Speciallita Twist]
I'm talking about Hits Speciallita Twist! This is a deep blue jelly jam packed with blue-to-green duochrome flakies. Check out that bottle shot!

[ 2 coats: HITS Speciallita Twist]
It takes a bit of finagling to work with because the formula is slightly thick, which I think is partly because of the amount of flakies jammmed into the polish. With a bit of patience, the results are worth it though.

[ 2 coats: HITS Speciallita Twist]
I also like that the jelly base does apply too dark and the flakies manage to shine through. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the colour change on my nail and it was definitely not as visible indoors at night under artificial lighting. Outdoors though, this polish just comes to life. This is definitely one polish that changes its looks depending on the lighting!