; Plisherrific: April 2013

Apr 29, 2013

Rainbow Red - Zoya Blaze

A quick one today - rushing this one out, oops! Here's Zoya Blaze from the Ornate collection!

[Bottle to nail: Zoya Blaze (2 coats)]
Blaze is a gorgeous deepened red jelly with plenty of scattered holographic particles!

[2 coats: Zoya Blaze]
Great formula - this was two coats, I think? You get an awesome squishy glossy look and the holo particles are suspended evenly throughout. 

[2 coats: Zoya Blaze]
It has plenty of shine but was not quite as blingy as I expected, but then again, I'm an absolute sucker for glitter. ;)

Apr 25, 2013

Rainbows in the Dark - Layla Flash Black, Color Club Beyond

I took my two most halo black polishes and compared them. Here's the verdict!

[From left to right: Layla Flash Black, Color Club Beyond, Layla Flash Black, Color Club Beyond]
Both black holos have dense, holo pigments in them. Layla Flash Black has more holo effect than Color Club Beyond, but the color is sacrificed on the holo altar. Layla Flash Black has a tendency to look more silver-gray than black.

[Pinky: Layla Flash Black over Color Club Beyond
Other fingers: Color Club Beyond]

On the pinky finger, I actually layered Layla Flash Black over Color Club Beyond. The effect is interesting in that the black base is a little darker compared to the regular Flash Black swatch, but it's also more holographic than Beyond.

All in all, Beyond is impressively dark while still being very holographic, but Flash Black still wins the holographic game. Personally? Having both isn't such a bad idea. :)

Apr 22, 2013

Berry Berry Pink - China Glaze Merry Berry, Revlon Punch Chrome

The other day I felt like doing a slightly-girly-but-not-too-much manicure, and this was the result!

[Floral me up!]
I combined a vampy berry shade with some reflective chrome stamping in a bright magenta!

[2 coats: China Glaze Merry Berry]
I first started with China Glaze Merry Berry from the Holiday Joy collection. This is a vampy berry red, super shiny even without topcoat.

[2 coats: China Glaze Merry Berry]
Formula was gorgeous - squishy and glossy. This is two coats... it does look a bit like sheer in spots in this photo but it's not at all noticeable to the eye.

[Base: China Glaze Merry Berry (2 coats); Stamping: Revlon Punch Chrome]
I then stamped over with Revlon Punch Chrome, one of the older Color Chrome shades. This one's a pretty vibrant purple-pink shade and definitely contrasted well with the dark base.

[Base: China Glaze Merry Berry (2 coats); Stamping: Revlon Punch Chrome]
Chrome polishes are, as usual, wonderful to stamp with! I've started collecting as many as I can, especially the Revlon Chromes and China Glaze Khromes! =)

Apr 18, 2013

Icy Roads - Revlon Downtown

This is a quick one today, because I'm really busy! :O

[Revlon Downtown

Revlon Downtown is a silvery blue, almost foil-like polish. I quite like how smooth it is even though it looks like it should be rough.

I bought Downtown as an impulse buy from Cosmetic Fragrance Direct. They sometimes sell Revlon polishes for a lot cheaper. :)

Apr 15, 2013

Handful o' Riches - Revlon Golden Charm

Just a short little post today - had a big weekend and am rushing this one out! Here's Revlon Golden Charm from the Masquerade collection.

[Bottle to nail: Revlon Golden Charm (2 coats)]
Golden Charm is pretty much your basic pale gold foil. Awesome staple, excellent pigmentation and heavy on the bling - just how I like it!

[2 coats: Revlon Golden Charm]
This was two coats of Golden Charm. I reckon it'll work marvellously for stamping as well.... Definitely gotta try that out sometime!

Apr 11, 2013

Lava Bubbles - OPI Black Spotted, OPI The Impossible

As you may know from my birthday haul, Ev gave me one of my big lemmings: OPI Black Spotted!

[OPI Black Spotted over OPI The Impossible]
Okay, I admit I'm running low on time these days so this is swatched over OPI The Impossible that I posted about last week

You really do have to use thin coats to get the 'bubbles'. Trying it on really long nails is a little hard because you need to have very little polish on the brush to paint thin coats, but at the same time, you need to have enough to drag it all the way to the end in one swipe. Difficult. But the results don't look too bad for a second attempt, right? I just need more practice!

As expected, the effect is really, really cool, and I love it. Next time, I'll try it against a brighter and lighter base. 

Apr 8, 2013

Magic Mims - Zoya Mimi

Zoya is definitely in my top three of polish brands and their glass fleck finishes are absolutely amazing! Here's Zoya Mimi, from the glorious Sparkle Collection in 2010 which includes other famous stunners like Charla and Ivanka. =)

Zoya Mimi is a vibrant purple glass fleck. Like a lot of Zoya polishes that I own, the formula is thin, but levels and builds up beautifully, leaving a glossy finish even without topcoat.

When I was younger, I actually hated the colour purple (!!). Not just any purple, at least, but one pretty close to Mimi here! I'm glad to say, this gorgeous polish has proven that I've moved past that.... =p Or it could be my love for bling overruling all other thought!

This photo makes it look like there are bald spots, but it's definitely not visible in real life. Overall, a polish I really enjoyed wearing. Beautifully pigmented and super shiny!

For another look at Mims here, check out the layering job Jamie did with Femme Fatale Party Grenade two weeks ago!

Apr 4, 2013

Pink Lemonade - OPI The Impossible


Sorry, I just couldn't resist the dramatics that comes with this name. :P  The Impossible nail polish. It does have a ring to it, right?

[Two coats of OPI Liquid Sand The Impossible]
OPI's Liquid Sand The Impossible is red in the bottle but dries to a deep pink-red gritty matte polish. It really is rough which makes it fun to pat sometimes, heh. The Impossible consists of fine glitter, silver hex glitter and a scattering of holo glitter. You can't really see the holo on the nail. I have the mini bottle by the way, which doesn't seem to have the star glitter I have seen in other swatches. Maybe it's just really sparse in the bottle and I can't see it or fish it out.

The strange thing is that when I first tried this on, I didn't think much of it. Even though it dries relatively fast, like most matte polishes, it seems to take awhile to really settle on the nail. Hours later when I inspected it again, I found I really, really liked it! I have tried Get Your Number from the same collection and found that it was the same; I liked it better a few hours later. Maybe it's all in my head, so I'll test it out with the next one and see if I can determine what's the difference.

Now, The Impossible with gloss!

[Gloss over OPI Liquid Sand The Impossible]
Mmmmmm, delicious jelly coral red. I love it. It looks so yummy! Despite being so gritty, it actually only took one dry fast top coat to smooth it out.

I really like The Impossible. It gives pink a real edge and when glossy, it looks like a fun, summer colour. All very pretty and still work appropriate.

Apr 2, 2013

Sunshine Sparkle - Color Club Beyond, Eternal Beauty, Over the Moon, Jade Fascinio Violeta

A short little post for today... Here's a quick look at three of the polishes from the Color Club 2013 Halo Hues collection! With a bonus mini comparison with Jade Fascinio Violeta!

[Holo skittles: Color Club Halo Hues (pinky, ring, index), Jade Fascinio Violeta (middle)]

Pinky: Color Club Beyond - a black (yes! not gray!) linear holo
Index: Color Club Over the Moon - a medium blue linear holo, dustier than this photo shows.

Ring: Color Club Eternal Beauty - a rich purple linear holo
Middle: Jade Fascinio Violeta - similar in shade to Eternal Beauty, but less opaque and needs more coats to build-up. Possibly more holographic, but this is less obvious in real life.

[Holo skittles: Color Club Halo Hues (pinky, ring, index), Jade Fascinio Violeta (middle)]
The quality of these polishes is similar to the previous Halo Hue 2012 shades I've shown here before so check out Cloud Nine and Angel Kiss!

I won't say tooo much here because Jme and I will have full manicures up with comparisons to other holo polishes at some point. But as you can see, they are gorgeous holos and while not quite as richly coloured as these photos show, they still have a fair bit of pigment to them!