; Plisherrific: May 2015

May 28, 2015

Icy Touch - OPI Muppets World Tour

Dug out a pretty shiny polish!

[OPI Muppets World Tour]
This is OPI's Muppets World Tour, a silver foil with small silver and white hex, and the occasional blue hex. It's pretty, shiny but still kind of subtle. It takes about three to four coats to be totally opaque.

[OPI Muppets World Tour]
The touch of blue among all the white and silver is just the right touch.

May 25, 2015

Deluxe Teal - Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, Finger Paints Flecked, LA Splash Jade

I was digging through my folders and came across this layering experiment that I did almost 2 years ago! I think I was playing around with similar shades and whatever was on my desk at the time probably...

[All aboard!]
Obviously the theme here is blue-green so let's see what went into this!

[In the bottle: Sinful Colors Rise and Shine]
The base shade was Sinful Colors Rise and Shine (at least I think so! I also own Mint Apple and I think that one is very similar but a shade lighter). I've worn Rise and Shine as a full mani a bit more recently so check out that post here.

[2 coats: Sinful Colors Rise and Shine]
The ring finger there is my old habit of testing out layering on one finger before proceeding (also, forgetting to take photos before said testing!)

[Base: Sinful Colors Rise and Shine (2 coats); Flakies: Finger Paints Flecked (1 coat)]
I then followed it up with a layer of Finger Paints Flecked, a green to blue flakie polish in a translucent base. I've used Flecked previously in a couple different combinations as well. Nothing like a good flakie to mix and remix.

[Base: Sinful Colors Rise and Shine (2 coats); Flakies: Finger Paints Flecked (1 coat)
Glitter: LA Splash Jade (1 coat)]
 ... and finally, I topped it off with a layer of LA Splash Jade! I suspect trying out this polish was the point of all this messing around, hehe. Jade is a beautiful glitter topper that also shifts from blue to green. Super mermaid-y but rather subtle (as you can tell) despite its flashiness in the bottle.

Another one in the "not quite sure if it worked" bin! I'll need to revisit Jade and work out a nice base for it!

May 21, 2015

Space Age - KBShimmer Showgirl

I'm really surprised I hadn't swatched this until now. I've had it for ages.

[KBShimmer Showgirl]
KBShimmer's Showgirl is a black jelly with pink-magenta and black hex glitter, a scattering of holo micro bar and hex glitter, and holo square glitter. The glitter look kind of purple here under the strange light, but it's definitely more pink-magenta. I used a black polish underneath for a base because the black jelly would have needed four coats to cover the nail line.

The glitter was dense enough that two coats gave a lovely amount of coverage. I don't know why but this makes me feel like I'm looking at outer space, which I rather like.

May 18, 2015

Iron Lagoon - LA Girl Chromium Green

A quick post today, been absolutely flat-out every day for the past few weeks, erghhh...

[Bottle to nail: LA Girl Chromium Green (2 coats)]
Anyway, this here is LA Girl Chromium Green from their Metal collection several years ago. I kinda regret not picking up the whole set (although that said, I do have quite a few from that collection...).

[2 coats: LA Girl Chromium Green]
Now with a name like Chromium Green, you'd expect a brilliant emerald shade. Unfortunately, this is more of a greenish aqua. That said, it's still a gorgeous polish with a great brushed metal finish thanks to the heavy silver foil base.

[2 coats: LA Girl Chromium Green]
These were all two coats of polish, but you may be able to get away with one thick coat. Dry time was fairly quick and wear was pretty good as well! It's got me thinking that I'll have to revisit my other polishes from this collection... =)

May 14, 2015

Dark Depths - OPI Today I Accomplished Nothing

I admit that I'm swayed by nail polish names as well and I quite liked OPI's Today I Accomplished Nothing. It fits my familiar procrastination habit!

[OPI Today I Accomplished Nothing]
Today I Accomplished Nothing has pink-red hex glitter in a black jelly. I did put a black base underneath it so that I didn't have to use so many layers to get it to be opaque. The nail polish was easy to apply and was smooth and glossy with one quickdry top coat. I like the look of the red glitter, how it adds just a hint of colour to a black nail polish.

May 12, 2015

Fairy Fling - Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy

Today's post features a glitzed-up french manicure that I did a while ago.

[Bottle to nail: Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy (tips)]
This is Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy from the Beyond the Mistletoe collection. I've previously used this as a full mani and you can check out the photos and description here!

[Tips: Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy (2 coats, dabbed)]
This time, I decided to just freehand some french tips with this holo glitter polish and leave it as that. I think it was two careful coats dabbed on. However, because it's quite a thick base and there's so much glitter in it, it does tend to be quite goopy and I had to be quite careful when applying it.

[Tips: Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy (2 coats, dabbed)]
Despite that, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Of course, this look only really works when you have a bit more free nail real estate!

May 7, 2015

Volcano Ash - W7 Lava Flow

I found a couple interesting glitters from W7 recently!

[W7 Lava Flow]
W7's Lava Flow is a white nail polish with small black and red glitter. The nail polish was jam packed with glitter and application was smooth and easy. It was easy to apply and rather distracting to look at. All in all, one my better buys of late!

May 4, 2015

No Worries - Glam Polish Hakuna Matata

What's that? Holographic and multichrome polish? Yes, indeed! Two good things make an even better one!

[Bottle to nail: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata (2 coats)]
This beauty is Hakuna Matata from Glam Polish's You're Never Too Old To Be Young collection. As described on their site, Hakuna Matata is a "multichrome holo that shifts from Green-Violet-Blue-Red". I've tried my best to capture this so let's see how it went!

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
Here's our violet...

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
 Shifting to blue... (such a gorgeous blue too!)

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
...and finally a bright blue-leaning green!

I'm not sure if the red is all that visible, but that might be it on the edges of the nail. The colour shift from purple to blue and green is super visible, especially in direct lighting. I was super impressed!

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata (with flash)]
 The holo is less obvious in my photos as these are indoors but here's a crappy mobile phone photo with flash to show the holo (and bright green! <3)

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
Formula was great, I'm fairly sure these were 2 coats. Wear time was also pretty good. All in all a multifaceted polish with lots of character! Definitely one to pick up if you can. In fact, there are so many fabulous shades at Glam Polish that you'll be spoilt for choice!