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About Plisherrific.

Jme and Ev (pictured below - ahem) are two girls from Sydney, Australia. 
We discovered a love/obsession for nail polish and eventually created a blog to document our "plish" journey. We pondered long and hard about a suitable name to reflect how we felt and eventually, Plisherrific was born! (You don't want to know the other names in the hat.....)

We will be trying our best to bring you posts that are on schedule, and will hopefully be interesting and helpful to you in your own plish adventures! Plish is SRS BSNS!

We love comments/questions, anything you'd like to say! 
So feel free to comment or email us at plisherrific AT gmail.com with anything at all!


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Want a particular polish swatched? Check out our Plish List and let us know! 
Want to know where and for how much we purchased something? Give us a poke! 
Want to know the weather in Sydney? Just ask us! ;)



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