; Plisherrific: Shifty Shade - Mode Arsonist, Lynderella Happy HoloDaze

Nov 19, 2012

Shifty Shade - Mode Arsonist, Lynderella Happy HoloDaze

I posted a while ago about getting glitter bleed in my bottle of Lynderella Happy HoloDaze here. So since I had it on my desk then, I swiped it over my mani at the time.

[Not quite Christmas!]
While not as Christmas-sy as originally intended, I still think it's a pretty cool combination!

[Bottle to nail: Mode Arsonist (2 coats)]
I started with a base of Mode Arsonist. I spotted this beauty in the local pharmacy but kept putting it back in the Mode bin because... I have so many red polishes! So many red polishes with gold shimmer, even! But I'm so so glad I finally caved and picked this gorgeous polish up! In the bottle, the shimmer looks slightly green at extreme angles, but this isn't visible on the nail.

[2 coats: Mode Arsonist]
The base is a deep warm red, almost jelly-like and the shimmer is really obvious even on the nail. Opaque in one careful coat, but I used two to deepen the colour. Vampy without being too far on the black side! Also... I thought that was an awesome name...

[Glitter bleed: Lynderella Happy HoloDaze]
So, here's my bottle of Happy HoloDaze... You can see how the green hexes are pretty much teal now. The clear base has gone a rather unattractive limey hue. The square glitter is still green though!

[Base: Mode Arsonist (2 coats); Glitter: Lynderella Happy HoloDaze (1 coat)]
Dabbled on a coat of Happy HoloDaze on each nail... still gorgeous! Just different~ =)


  1. Those polishes look like christmas lights! I love them. I'm on a polish spending ban, but I would love to check out lynderella polishes in the near future!