; Plisherrific: November 2018

Nov 29, 2018

Summer Days - Sally Hansen Rhythm & Blue

[Summer Days]
This is Sally Hansen's Rhythm & Blue from their Miracle Gel line. It's a sky blue creme nail polish.

[Sally Hansen Rhythm & Blue]
I probably like this nail polish for not quite the right reasons. So, first, the Miracle Gel line is meant to produce a gel-like nail polish, which means longer-lasting but without the fuss of gel nail polishes. No lamps to cure it and no soaking to remove.

However, I didn't exactly follow the steps I'm supposed to take. I had already heard of the big downside of this nail polish, which is that it takes a rather long time to dry. I don't have patience for long drying nail polishes so I whacked on a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. That worked in drying it right quick, but it might have messed up the formula. That might be why I didn't find that it lasted longer than any other regular nail polish.

That said, Rhythm & Blue applied smoothly, and I love the sky blue colour. It also seems extra glossy after applying Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat compared to more regular nail polishes.

Nov 19, 2018

Dark Rose - Sally Hansen New Flame, Born Pretty BPL-024, Hit the Bottle As Black As Night

I am pleased as punch with this mani - it's not groundbreaking in any way at all, but there's a reason some combinations are just classic!

[Bloom Beautiful]
In this case, red, black and roses! Mmm hmmm~! This could be anything from a Valentine's mani to a Halloween one, potentially even Christmas??

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen New Flame (2 coats)]
It was also very interesting because I had such a bright base shade, Sally Hansen New Flame, which is a glossy warm tomato red.

[Base: Sally Hansen New Flame (2 coats); Plate: Born Pretty BPL-024;
Stamping: Hit the Bottle As Black As Night]
However, just adding the black stamping over the top with the roses from Born Pretty stamping plate BPL-024 and Hit the Bottle As Black As Night, toned the warmth right down.

[Base: Sally Hansen New Flame (2 coats); Plate: Born Pretty BPL-024;
Stamping: Hit the Bottle As Black As Night]
I think if I had used a classic neutral red, the colour contrast wouldn't have looked as striking as this combination looks. Such a happy discovery, and something I'll keep in mind for the future, especially with stamps that use both positive and negative stamping in the one!

Nov 15, 2018

Starry Night - Emily de Molly Downward Spiral

Look at what we got here!

[Emily de Molly Downward Spiral]
This is Emily de Molly's Downward Spiral. It is meant to be "a navy blue holo with pink/green/gold shifting shimmer and iridescent flakes." I will first say that I do like it because there's a kind of pretty deep blue depth to it that really makes it look like a night sky filled with stars when you look at the holo.

However, the only parts that really came through were the navy blue holo and iridescent flakes. In person and in photos, it doesn't look very much like the photos on the website, and I couldn't see any of the pink/green/gold shifting shimmer, which was a little disappointing.

[Emily de Molly Downward Spiral]
Downward Spiral is still a pretty nail polish, but not what I was expecting unfortunately.

Nov 12, 2018

Blazing Hot - Sally Hansen New Flame

This shade is super hot! Another awesome gift from Jme~

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen New Flame (2 coats)]
This polish from the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure range certainly lives up to it's name - New Flame. It's a bright glossy tomato red jelly creme that REALLY stands out!

[2 coats: Sally Hansen New Flame]
I always love having shades like these in my collection, as well as wearing them. They are so good for no fuss manis. Like this one, I needed something quick and fuss-free to look nice and polished so this one ticked all the boxes. 

[2 coats: Sally Hansen New Flame]
This is two coats of glossy goodness, then an extra layer of topcoat for maximum shine.

[2 coats: Sally Hansen New Flame]
My nails are a bit longer than usual, and this formula is slightly on the jelly side, so in certain lights, there is visible nail line with two coats as I have here. But it's not particularly noticeable, and even so, I feel it has quite a nice translucent finish because of it!

Very happy with this one, it is definitely B-RRR-IGHT though! A great shade for summer~

Nov 5, 2018

Wonky Whirlpool - Born Pretty BP-RR03 Dream Fairy, Bundle Monster BM-206, Hit the Bottle Chromeo

Just a really short one today because I'm not that pleased with it!

[Base: Born Pretty BP-RR03 Dream Fairy (2 coats);
Plate: Bundle Monster BM-206; Stamping: Hit the Bottle Chromeo]
Can you see why already??? I hid too much of the gorgeous base shade, argh~!

[Bottle to nail: Born Pretty BP-RR03 Dream Fairy (2 coats)]
This is said gorgeous base shade - Born Pretty BP-RR03 Dream Fairy, a blurple linear holographic polish. How could I block out so much of that rainbow goodness?

[Base: Born Pretty BP-RR03 Dream Fairy (2 coats);
Plate: Bundle Monster BM-206; Stamping: Hit the Bottle Chromeo]
Haha, so basically this is a design from Bundle Monster plate BM-206, stamped with Hit the Bottle Chromeo. There's nothing actually wrong with it, just that I'm seeing less of that purple than I wanted. Ah well, lesson learnt for next time!

Nov 1, 2018

Steel Leafs - Born Pretty Pearl Chameleon Glitter Top Coat

We've got us some colour shifting topcoat today!

[Steel Leafs]
So Born Pretty sent along what they call Pearl Chameleon Glitter Top Coat for review. This is how it looks with two coats against a dark base. I don't think the photo captures it well but I'm fascinated with how metallic it looks. It's certainly a lot shinier in person than in the photos.

[Bottle to nail comparison]
As you can see, the colour-shifting microglitter comes in a clear base, so if you want the colour to pop, you need a dark colour for a base coat. Otherwise, it makes for a nice, more subtle shimmer on a lighter base coat.

[Born Pretty's Pearl Chameleon Glitter Top Coat]
Pearl Chameleon Glitter Top Coat comes in a fancy box with its peacock motive and a convenient window that ensures you always know which box you're opening up.

[2 coats of Born Pretty's Pearl Chameleon Glitter Top Coat]
The first photo here under natural lighting comes closer to capturing the colour of Pearl Chameleon Glitter Top Coat. It's like an extra shiny foil in real life. And the second photo captures a little bit of the green to blue colour shift. My camera just hates capturing colour shifts for some reason.

The nail polish applies smoothly and makes for a bright shade to own. I'm loving their new bottles as well, although the smell of this one was a little bit much.

If you want your own shiny greens, you can get them here. Otherwise, you can still hit up Born Pretty to get 10% off their full priced items using our code above!