; Plisherrific: September 2012

Sep 29, 2012

Random dupe - Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic, Nabi Party Mania Glitter

Random post! I was unpacking a nail polish haul for Jme and I when I noticed this! Jme picked up Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic and when I opened it, it looked mighty familiar! On the left is Nabi Party Mania Glitter and the right is Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic.

The colour combination of glitter and jelly base are pretty much identical! I have a skittle of Nabi Party Mania Glitter in this post here. Basically both are combinations of blue, gold, silver, yellow, magenta and green hex glitter in a dark blue jelly base. The only difference is that there are much larger hexes in Afternoon Picnic... seriously some of them are masssive!

I was actually going to pick up Afternoon Picnic as well,but decided not to eventually, so this is an added bonus, phew! Random dupe, go go!

Sep 27, 2012

The weird and funky - LA Girl, China Glaze, Revlon, Barry M.

I have some strange things to show you... I almost feel like I need to make Fugly Fridays along with Friday Favourites to post this first mani. But I'm not sure I want to make a trend out of this!

[Pinky and ring fingers: LA Girl Aqueous over Revlon Riveting Russet
Index and middle finger: China Glaze Ring In The Red over LA Girl Aqueous over Revlon Riveting Russet]
What on earth is going on with this mani? Basically, I went on a little glitter sammich blitz. The caption tells you what combos I used. LA Girl Glitter Addict Aqueous has blue (normal and holo) medium and fine glitter in a clear base. China Glaze Ring In The Red has heaps of fine to slightly larger red glitter in a slightly tinted red base.

I think I like the mani on my pinky and ring finger. It's very...superhero-ish in colour. The index and middle fingers look like blood splatters. All in all, the contrast between the colours makes this mani look rather dangerous for a glitter-filled concoction.

[Pinky and ring fingers: LA Girl Aqueous over Revlon Riveting Russet
Index and middle finger: China Glaze Ring In The Red over LA Girl Aqueous over Revlon Riveting Russet]
[Pinky and ring fingers: LA Girl Aqueous over Revlon Riveting Russet
Index and middle finger: China Glaze Ring In The Red over LA Girl Aqueous over Revlon Riveting Russet]
A little blurriness so that you can see how shiny it really is. All that glitter... :O~~

I decided to throw in this mani here because it's too lonely to get it's own post. 

Barry M. Chameleon Lilac
The above polish (one of the many gifts from Ev, from her globetrotting) results in the following two colours:

Barry M. Chameleon Lilac + clear top coat
How does that even happen?? It's such a drastic difference!

This is Barry M Color Change Chameleon Lilac. It's a light lilac in the bottle, and a silvery-lilac on the nails. But if you put a coat of clear topcoat over it, the light lilac changes into this deep, vibrant blurple. The thicker the coat, the more vibrant it is. I used Seche Vite over the ring finger, and I used a clear base coat for the tips of the other nails. I actually had to use more coats for the tips because the base coat polish was too thin. You can still see a slight colour difference between the ring finger and the others.

Chameleon Lilac can go on a bit too thick, which can result in bubbling so you have to apply in thin coats. But look at what fun you can have with it? Two nail polishes for the price of one! :D Thanks for such an interesting polish, Ev!

And that's all the wacky I have for you today!

Sep 26, 2012

Slick Shift - Color Club Port-folio

Check out this gorgeous duochrome! This is Color Club Port-folio from the In True Fashion collection.

[Bottle to nail: Color Club Port-folio (2 coats)]
When I first saw it in the bottle, I wasn't sure if that gorgeous green shimmer was going to translate to the nail, but boy was I in for a surprise! In fact, this polish is a true duochrome in that the shimmer shifts from bright green to that gorgeous peachy-gold that you can see on the bottle edge. Fantastic shift!

[2 coats: Color Club Port-folio]
Not just that, it only took 2 coats for it to be opaque. You need to be a teensy bit careful to keep your strokes straight but when it dries, the brushstrokes pretty much disappear and you're left with a gorgeously smooth finish.
[2 coats: Color Club Port-folio]
Here's two pics in more direct lighting to show you the amazing shift. The first pic kinda has both the green and the peach (that's not a reflection on the upper half of the nail). The second pic is mostly to show off the peachy colour.

[2 coats: Color Club Port-folio]
Annnd here's two more in diffuse lighting to show off the shift more. Thoroughly recommend this one!

I also had a giggle because I only realised what the name was meant to reference when writing up this post. PORT-folio! Although, to me, it pulls a bit too cool to bring port to mind!

The In True Fashion collection boasts quite a number of duochromes and after trying this one out thanks to Jme, I think I might have to grab some more!

Sep 24, 2012

Angel Rain - 2true Shade 1, Orly Angel Eyes

Look at that glowy awesomeness! Today I have another mani that's still on my fingers right now.

I couldn't resist trying out the polishes that Jme gave me for my birthday last week so here's a mani using one of them - Orly Angel Eyes from the Naughty or Nice 2012 collection!

[2 coats: 2true Crystal Nail Polish Shade 1]
I started with a base of 2true Crystal nail polish in Shade 1. Yes... I couldn't find the proper name for it but apparently they do exist?

[Bottle to nail: 2true Crystal Nail Polish Shade 1]
I randomly picked three of these Crystal nail polishes up in Superdrug while I was in UK not expecting much but wow, was it a pleasant surprise (and cheap too)!

[2 coats: 2true Crystal Nail Polish Shade 1]
Shade 1 is a gorgeous glowy blue glass fleck which looks a little duochrome in the bottle, not so much on the nail. Perfect application in 2 coats. The base is just that little bit darker, making the shimmer extra twinkly. =) You can guess by my ring finger up there what I proceeded to do...

[Bottle to nail: Orly Angel Eyes (2 coats); Base: 2true Shade 1]
Add Orly Angel Eyes over the top, wow! It was a bit difficult to photograph but you can tell better from the bottle pic what it looks like - a clear base with lots of fine blue glitter and larger scattered silvery opalescent bits. It applied very evenly and did not need fishing around to pick up the larger pieces nor dabbing to place them!

[Base: 2true Shade 1 (2 coats); Glitter: Orly Angel Eyes (2 coats)]
I say opalescent but I suspect they might be two colours of duochrome glitter, orange to green and gold to green. I also catch flashes of a blurple shade on the nail but I'm not sure which polish is responsible for that!

[Base: 2true Shade 1 (2 coats); Glitter: Orly Angel Eyes (2 coats)]
My pictures do this mani no justice! It's just so gorgeously glowy! The blue glitter in Angel Eyes brightens up the base colour without being full-on bling, while the larger glitter bits add a bit of flash! =) Really liking this polish... good choice, Jme! =p

Sep 20, 2012

A little blue, a little green - Hits Cool, Layla Ocean Rush

Edit: I scheduled the post for the wrong time, so this is a very unpunctual post!

These are swatches of two nail polishes I rather like!

[Hits Mari Moon Cool]
Hits Mari Moon Cool is a duochrome, almost foil-like polish with colour shift from gold to green to blue-green. Isn't it magnifique?? :O

[Hits Mari Moon Cool]
It looks like completely different nail polish depending on what angle you look at it.

Next, we have something blue...

[Layla Hologram Effect Ocean Rush]

Layla Ocean Rush is one of my favourite holo polishes. It's such a solid blue-tealy colour and the holo is crazy. I love the name as well. Srsly, what a rush!

[Layla Hologram Effect Ocean Rush]
The last one is blurrier in my attempt to capture the rainbow holo. As with all holos, the more holo is added to a polish, the lighter the colour becomes. So Ocean Rush is a little less crazy holographic than some of the lighter shades in Layla's Hologram Effect collection. I think it's well worth it though because it's such a pretty colour!

Sep 19, 2012

Ev's Birthday #3 - Jme presents... Color Club, Orly, China Glaze, Coco Allure

Sorry, it's been a very Ev-centric few days here at Plisherrific... =p But I just had to show my amazing loot from Jme for my birthday (which I opened just past midnight after scheduling that last post, hehe)...

[Bling bling!]
I just had to put a pic of these shinies first!! EHMAHHGERRRRDDDDDD, SOO AWESUMS. But! More on those later....

[Meow meow meow meow...]
Anyway, we were chatting online and I asked what order I should open the presents in! So the first one was this adorable set of false nails. KITTIES!! Cats are my favouritest, can't wait to try these on! As I told Jme, a bonus is that these nails are fairly narrow so they'll fit my skinny nails well without having to chop off much of the kitty image. WIN!

[I-I-It's not what you think it is!!]
I was also having a whinge a few weeks ago that no matter what perfume I use, it seems to dissipate super fast. High-end, EDP, a billion spritzes, NUP NADA. So Jme got me a bunch of these handy atomisers, yayyyy!! Now a new spritz will freshen my fragrance right up~ =)


[Duochrome, glitter and opalescence, oh my!]
Look at these beauties! These are Color Club Port-folio, Orly Angel Eyes and China Glaze Rare & Radiant!

I was unable to capture the color of the Color Club polish well because these are hurried shots before I run off to work. =( It's actually a gorgeous purple with shimmer that shifts from purple-bronze to a stunning electric green. Super sci-fi!
Orly Angel Eyes is a clear base full of blue microglitter, and scattered opaque silver opalescent glitter (hope that makes sense...).
Finally, China Glaze Rare & Radiant is that lovely green-gold duochrome that's super popular these days! These all photograph so well, ahhh~

Jme also got me three indie polishes from Coco Allure! They look so gorgeous and the glitter is sooo dense in all three of them. I was complaining that I just prepped my birthday mani and I already wannna try on all these new shinies!

The Coco Allure polish on the left is Like, Totally Pink. Super awesome name, and it's actually a pink jelly with fine gold/orange microglitter, and super dense blue opalescent glitter.
The middle one is Bootiful which is jam-packed fulled of black, orange and purple glitter in two sizes each of hexes and squares. I'm loving square glitter lately so these are awesome!!
The last one on the right is Cleopinktra, hehe. It's a mix of gold and magenta hex and square glitter in at least 3 sizes, gosh! 

Feeling so spoilt, I am!! These aren't even all of the gifts from Jme!
Thank you so much, my super duper best pal blogging buddy!! MUAKS!

Sep 18, 2012

Ev's Birthday #2 - Birthday Manicure, LA Splash, China Glaze, Konad

So... here's my birthday manicure! I love me some bling, so I made sure there was plenty! ;)

[Birthday manicure 2012!]
Some gradient, some holo, some glitter, plus stamping!

[Bottle to nail: Revlon Metallic (1 coat)]
I started with a base of Revlon Metallic, a dense silver foil. This was just one coat. It dries a bit rough, but like the name says, is extremely metallic. I just used this to hide any gaps in the glitter I was going to put over it.

[Gradient: China Glaze Medallion (base) to LA Splash Sparkling Torpedo (tips)]
I then added two coats of LA Splash Sparkling Torpedo, a chunky silver holographic glitter (Jme has a nice swatch here). I didn't take a picture of Sparkling Torpedo on its own though... These photos here are after I applied a one coat gradient of China Glaze in Medallion, from base to about halfway up, thinning it out as I went. Medallion is a combination of several different sizes of gold holographic glitter.

[Gradient: China Glaze Medallion (base) to LA Splash Sparkling Torpedo (tips)]
Holographics are so hard to take photos of! I tried my best though. The gradient effect is pretty subtle, but still noticeably there. =) 

[Gradient: China Glaze Medallion (base) to LA Splash Sparkling Torpedo (tips)
Stamping: Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl]
I then used Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl and stamped the swirly pattern on plate m63. My pictures are pretty crap unfortunately, but I was going for a contrast between the stark black and the OTT holo bling. It looks better in person, I think!

[Discarded stamp test!]
Aaaand... a "blooper" pic where I tested the houndstooth pattern first, then decided I didn't like it... On second look, it doesn't look too bad! =p The cool thing is, topcoating before stamping means you can wipe off the stamp pretty easily without messing up your base colours!

[Cupcake of Awesomeness]
Randomly, a cupcake I received from A! It was super delicious, thank you!!! That peanut butter cream icing was soooooo naughtyyyy~!

As I write this, it is 12 minutes to my birthday... which means... Jme, can I open my presents sooon?? =D

Sep 17, 2012

Ev's Birthday #1 - Gingerbread Santa

This Tuesday is my birthday but catching up with friends and family already began last week so I've been pretty spoilt~ =) Today's post is just some photos from a wonderful giftbox that my partner/boyfriend's family put together for me! We also had a super delicious homemade roast dinner too, yum yum~

First was a little bag of tasty gingerbread men - I pulled this little guy out and his last button had been.. erm, misplaced so I took the picture as it was. =p

I also got a matching cookie cutter and a gorgeous sparkly card! Now onto the gifts!!!

Aaaaah, so many new things to try out and goodies to play with! I'll start with the kits...

These are the Manicare Glamnails Gel Nails System kit and the Sculpture Acrylic Nails kit. Really looking forward to testing them out, especially since I broke a nail on each hand in the recent week and have odd-looking stubbies now. I'll write up a post when I've tried these out!

Nail boards - can never have too many! And cuticle softener! My cuticles have been so raggedy these past few months even though I've piled on the moisturiser, so hopefully this will help. The portable format will definitely come in handy too.

A cuticle trimmer and pusher, also super helpful in my quest to fix up my raggedy hands. I hadn't gotten around to getting one myself, so this will be great! Also, french tip tapes for that perfect french manicure~ =)

Finally, polish polish polish! First, OPI top coat! I've only tried their Rapidry topcoat which I quite liked so I'm looking forward to trying this out. Then, two polishes which I've got more photos of just below; DS Glow and Birthday Babe << gotta love the name!!

OPI Birthday Babe - this is a silver shimmer that dries to a somewhat pearly finish... from what I can tell from online swatches! I'll let you guys now when I've swatched it myself~ I don't think I have anything in my collection like this.

OPI DS Glow - a bronzey colour with heavy gold glass fleck/microglitter. My first OPI DS! Looks amazing and glowy in the bottle, can't wait to try it out!

Heeheee, now that I've taken pictures of them... I can now crack them open and use them, yayyyy!!! Thank you so much, M + K + S + parents + cats!!! =)

I also met up with Jme yesterday and she gave me some loooooot, but I'm not allowed to open it till tomorrow, booooo!!! So look out for another update from me once I do that! =D