; Plisherrific: House Spark - Epic Nail Foil Transfer: Winter Is Coming

Nov 18, 2013

House Spark - Epic Nail Foil Transfer: Winter Is Coming

Here's the first of the nail foil transfers from Epic Nail that I will be reviewing! Check out the overview of the Essentials kit that we posted last week for a look at all the designs we'll be trying out. This pattern is called Winter Is Coming, hehe~

[Bling bling]
I thought it looked already looked pretty good in the bottle, but this pattern really came alive on the nail! Let's see how I went with application and such...

[Left to right: Winter Is Coming, In The Jungle, All Laced Up]
In the tube, it's a pixelated diamond pattern - I suppose it brings argyle somewhat to mind, hence the winter reference. As for the catchphrase, it's catchy, what more do you need! ;) Remember, it's easier to cut out little rectangles of foil for each nail BEFORE you start, so you're not struggling with wet tacky nails during!

[Bottle to nail: Revlon Metallic (1 coat)]
Since this was a silver transfer foil and I was going to do a full nail manicure, I used a matching silver foil polish just in case there were any missed patches during the transfer. This is Revlon Metallic, a heavy silver foil polish.

[1 coat: Revlon Metallic]
This is only one coat! Great as a base for nail art, as it applies easily and dries fairly quickly.

[Super exciting: Watching glue dry]
Here's a photo of what it looks like as the foil glue is drying. On my pinky and index, you can see fresher coats of glue where it still has a milky appearance. On my middle finger, you can see that once it dries, the glue turns clear. So be patient, and wait wait wait!

It doesn't take long, but I find that the longer you wait, the better application is, so I tend to wait at least 5 minutes or so even though the glue is clear after about 2-3 minutes. Check our foil tag to see some of our previous manicures using transfer foils!

[Foil transfer: Epic Nail Winter Is Coming]
Anyway, after the glue was suitable dry, I carefully placed a rectangle of foil over a nail, working one nail at a time. I then smoothed it out from edge to edge, scraping lightly with my nail to make sure everything was transferred. AND BOY, are the results gorgeous!

[Foil transfer: Epic Nail Winter Is Coming]
I had no problem at all getting the transfer foil over the entire nail - remember, apply your glue carefully as where there's glue, there your foil will stick! Conversely, where there isn't glue, you aren't going to get your transfer!

[Foil transfer: Epic Nail Winter Is Coming]
Super super impressed with this design. I especially love the pixellated holo. It's a bit difficult to see the diamond pattern on the nail, but in my opinion, the result is even better! More of a super sparkly futuristic snakeprint!! Totally up my alley, as far as I'm concerned....

Keep an eye out for our posts on the other 5 designs, coming up soon! And don't forget, you can use this coupon code, BLOGPLISHERIFFIC to get free shipping on all orders from Epic Nail with a product total of $30 or over, valid till the 31st of December!


  1. "Winter is Coming" is a big phrase in Game of Thrones, so it's most likely a reference to that. Pretty foil!

    1. LOL, that's why I titled the post House Spark! In retrospect, that was probably too far of a reach.....