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Nov 22, 2013

At Sea - Epic Nail Foil Transfer: Nautical

Look at the rainbow from the stripes! :D  Unfortunately, I think this will be the prettiest photo in this post, oh dear...

[Roll of foil: Nautical]
Anyway, I'm stealing Ev's photo (below) to show the foil in its bottle. The foil looks like it is completely opaque, but that's actually just a white paper rolled up behind the stripes. As you can see in the photo above, the foil is actually white, blue, red and silver stripes with no foil in between the stripes.

[Left to right: I Heart You, Pipe Dream and Nautical]
So you have to choose your base polish wisely as it will show up between the stripes. The only problem is that I don't know if there are any other choices except white. You can see it somewhat in the first picture; the stripes aren't completely opaque. I tried them over a dark base, and nothing was visible except for the white and silver stripes, which both came out looking gray.

Now onwards to the foil on nails!

[Foil transfer: Nautical]
The base polish I'm using here is Orly Au Champagne. I have applied the stripes twice on each nail, except for the accent nail which I have left with just its base polish. I applied Nautical once horizontally, and then on top of that, diagonally for the middle and pinky fingers, vertically for the index finger. Because the stripes tended to tear and crack, I had to reapply glue and carefully try to reapply the stripes in some places, with varying success.

Okay, to be honest, this was a really hard foil to use. Trying to do a foil transfer of thin stripes was absurdly hard, because the stripes are too fragile and thin, crinkling and breaking too easily. It took me two to three hours to do this because I had to keep redoing the foils from scratch, and you can still see the breaks and crinkles in the stripes. I pretty much gave up after this.

The result looked okay, but honestly, it was too much work for me to produce.

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  1. Throw it in the too hard basket I say! I wouldn't want to take 2-3 hrs to do any mani that wasn't short of perfect!