; Plisherrific: October 2014

Oct 30, 2014

Party Shine - Savvy Carnivale

It's been awhile since I bought a nail polish in Sydney, and I'm glad I got this one!

[3 Coats Savvy Carnivale]

This is Savvy Carnivale, which is a cheerful glitter bomb. It has silver-gold glitter with tonnes of holo glitter and pink glitter. It's opaque in three coats, but you can go for four just to be sure.

It's simple but different enough that I know I don't have anything like this in my arsenal right now. :)

Oct 27, 2014

Sugar Bomb - The Face Shop Trendy Nails Glitter Brilliant GLI015

Jelly and glitter combos are the bomb! In this case a sugary sweet one with an edge.
[Bottle to nail: The Face Shop Trendy Nails Glitter Brilliant GLI015 (2 coats)]
Today's polish is The Face Shop Trendy Nails Glitter Brilliant in GLI015. Phew! It comes in a 7ml bottle and as you can see, it's a cool pale pink jelly with magenta, purple and gold squares and hexes.

[2 coats: The Face Shop Trendy Nails Glitter Brilliant GLI015]
Formula was excellent, I needed two coats for my short nails. Nice opacity for the jelly, enough for coverage, not too much that the lower glitter layers are hidden. No fishing around for the glitter either!

[2 coats: The Face Shop Trendy Nails Glitter Brilliant GLI015]
I really like the purple in this combination. At first glance, it looks like it might be a bit tooo stark against the other paler shades, but I think it's just the right pop of colour and contrast!

Oct 23, 2014

Purple with Envy - Innisfree 73

Another bottle of polish from my Korean loot!

[Innisfree 73 over a black base]
This is Innisfree 73, a pale purple glitter with a green shimmer and green microbar glitter. Like most Korean nail polishes, this glitter won't be opaque on its own. Korean glitter polishes tend to be on the jelly side.

I used a black nail polish as the base, which brings out the purple-green duochrome. This is a gorgeous polish when paired with a dark base. The microbar glitter brings out the green sheen in a more spread out, almost web-like way compared to just a regular microglitter/shimmer.

Oct 20, 2014

Triple Threat - China Glaze Optical Illusion, Innisfree #74, Clio Nail Styler S421

Here's a layering combination that I did a couple weeks ago using three different glitter polishes.

[Undersea treasure..]
The colour theme here is obviously.... blue! It was heaps sparklier than my photos are. I had to use diffuse lighting to show off the glitter combination.

[In the bottle: China Glaze Optical Illusion]
I started with a base of China Glaze Optical Illusion from the Prismatics collection. Both Jme and I have previously swatched this polish, so for more detail, check out my post and her gradient mani! I used two coats to have a nice silvery blue base for the next few glitters...

[In the bottle: Innisfree #74]
This one here is Innisfree #74, a super complex glitter mix! There's fine turquoise shimmer with a purple shift, several different sizes of blue glitter and fine orange-to-green duochrome bar glitter. Phew! I actually added one coat of this one to increase the purple sheen of the base from Optical Illusion. Because the glitter is so fine, it's a very even finish rather than a blingy one, if that makes sense...

[In the bottle: Clio Nail Styler S421]
Next on the list is the star of the party - Clio Nail Styler S421. This one is a beautifully complex mix of hexes and squares of different sizes in green-aqua, silver, blue and orange. So gorgeous!

[Base: China Glaze Optical Illusion (2 coats); Glitter: Innisfree #74, Clio Nail Styler S421]
Two coats of Optical Illusion, then one coat each of Innisfree #74 and Clio S421, and here we are, the finished mani! Despite the fact that these were all glitters, they all applied evenly and dried relatively smooth. I still topped it off with topcoat, of course!

[Base: China Glaze Optical Illusion (2 coats); Glitter: Innisfree #74, Clio Nail Styler S421]
I'm going back to glitters after abstaining for a while - it's so exciting! Can't wait to do more!!

Oct 16, 2014

Pixelated - Milani Sugar Rim

What a yummy mani!

[Top coat: Milani Sugar Rim
Base: Black base for index finger, clear base for other fingers]
Milani's Sugar Rim has a great mix of glitter, with blue being the predominant colour. The polish has matte pale blue, yellow, red and black glitter. The pale blue glitter is slightly larger than the others. Scattered throughout are pale gold metallic flakes. The flakes are harder to spot because they're so light and there's less of it, but you can see a hint of them catching the light on my nails.

I used a black base for my index finger, and the rest are all on a clear base. Against a black base, I think the glitter does stand out pretty well. Without the base, the polish is still pretty opaque at three coats. I did a layer less for the middle finger's nail and you can see the 'bald' spots on it. I like the polish against a clear base too, it just gives it a lighter look. Overall, what a fun mix of glitters and colours!

Oct 13, 2014

Blues Party - Orly Lunar Eclipse, Clio Nail Styler S424

Easing back into the glitter game... by my standards, at least!

[Glitter = Good!]
An easy tip for matching multi-coloured glitter toppers is to pick a base which matches one of the glitter components in your topper. Here, I've chosen blue as the core shade for this mani!

[Bottle to nail: Orly Lunar Eclipse (3 coats)]
I started with a base of Orly Lunar Eclipse. I've swatched this previously but decided to take some better photos of this polish.
[3 coats: Orly Lunar Eclipse]
As I mentioned previously, it appears to have a duochrome shift in the bottle but mostly appears as a sparkly blue glass fleck on the nails. You might see a faint hint of purple in the shimmer but that's about it. Thin formula and needs three coats for full opacity, but dries fairly quickly to a super sparkly finish!

[In the bottle: Clio Nail Styler S424]
I then chose one of my new acquisitions from Korea as a topper. This is Clio Nail Styler S424, a multi-colour multi-shape glitter topper with large and small hexes and square glitter in blue, orange, purple and gold. I really love this colour combination!

[Base: Orly Lunar Eclipse (3 coats); Glitter: Clio Nail Styler S424 (1 coat)]
Here's just one coat over Lunar Eclipse. Excellent glitter density and quick drying time! All the glitter lays flat too.

[Base: Orly Lunar Eclipse (3 coats); Glitter: Clio Nail Styler S424 (1 coat)]
It actually looks a bit less dense than it actually is because the blue glitter matches the base shade a bit TOO well. I'd like to try this again with a contrasting base!

Oct 9, 2014

Dots and Spots - LA Girl Sputter, Revlon Modern Grace

For someone who says that purple is my favourite colour, I don't think I post enough purple manis. Time to correct that!

[Top: LA Girl Sputter
Base: Revlon Modern Grace]
Ah, sometimes the simplest manis make me so happy. Look at how purple this is. :D

Sputter from the LA Girl Splatter collection has a clear base polish with purple and white hex glitter in different sizes. The pay off is pretty good, needing only two coats to achieve this look. For some reason, non-nail polish fanatics enthusiasts are often fascinated by matte glitter. They always ask me how I achieve this look, thinking that I must have drawn on this dotted look until I explain matte glitter. Anyway, even though I have too many purple polishes, I don't regret adding Sputter to the collection!

Oct 6, 2014

Galactic Gleam - Dance Legend Milky Way

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I got some gorgeous gorgeous birthday pressies from Jme! Here's one of them!

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Milky Way (3 coats)]
This is Dance Legend Milky Way, an amazing multichrome shimmer with a generous dash of holo glitter to boot! As you can see in the bottle, this is mainly a purple to aqua duochrome but you do get a hint of bronze at extreme angles. Now, multichromes are usually a bit of a disappointment on the nails, but check it out on mine!

[3 coats: Dance Legend Milky Way]
The aqua flash is actually a lot more green-leaning in real life but no less stunning. The purple edges are also completely visible all of the time! No contortionist acts required to find any hint of colour shift...

[3 coats: Dance Legend Milky Way]
 Here's another photo showing the purple-aqua colour shift at different angles. But wait, there's more!

[3 coats: Dance Legend Milky Way]
Yep, there's that bronzey green on my index finger right there. Again, this shift is perfectly visible to the eye - now that's what I call a multichrome!

Formula-wise, this was a thin formula, slightly prone to flooding but easy to work with nevertheless. I used three thin coats for this mani. You could get away with two, but three really deepens up the shade beautifully. Dry time was pretty fast and this polish dries glossy as well, although I did use a topcoat in the pics above.

The holo glitter really contributes to the "galaxy" theme! Note though that the holo flash is not too strong, but that suits me perfectly because the star (ha!) here is the amazing multichrome. This one's a winner!

Oct 2, 2014

Mermaid Scales - A'Pieu Glow Nail Touch G02

More shiny that I picked up on my holiday! :D

[3 coats of A'Pieu Glow Nail Touch G02]
This is A'Pieu Glow Nail Touch G02, which is a light teal glitter with a lot going on. There's an iridescent green and gold sheen to it that comes from a green glitter and a pale gold-holo-ish glitter in it. The mid-blue glitter is a nice contrast to the rest of the glitter.

[3 coats of A'Pieu Glow Nail Touch G02]
This is so shiny and such a lovely colour as well. I'm quite glad I picked this one up!