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Nov 21, 2013

Diamond Frills - Epic Nail Foil Transfer: All Laced Up

[Foil transfer: All Laced Up]
If you have been following this blog, you would know it's foil time! Ev has passed the baton and I'm doing the rest of the swatches for the foils from the Essentials Kit at Epic Nail. The first one I'm doing is called All Laced Up.

[Dramatic lighting of a foil roll: All Laced up]
Now, what I like about the foils from Epic Nail is the way they're stored. I have received foils that are really tightly rolled and foils that are folded up. Those that are too tightly rolled are hard to flatten out to be used and difficult to roll back into place because they lack a cylindrical base. And those that are folded up have crease lines which is a bit of a waste. With these foils rolled in big and loose rolls around a hard cylinder, they pretty much unroll into a nice flat strip, so they're easy to use.

[Roll of foil: All Laced Up]
Okay, look at how shiny All Laced Up is on its own! The holo is amazing!

[LA Splash Sparkling Torpedo]
I thought a good base to go under All Laced Up would be LA Splash Sparkling Torpedo, because of its own super holo sparkliness~

[Foil transfer: All Laced Up]
Application for All Laced Up was pretty simple. They were a little bit delicate in parts, but transfer wasn't difficult. Ev goes into some detail on how to apply foils here, so I won't rehash that.

I used two thin coats of Blush-amour clear polish over the foil, and then Jordana Quick Shine topcoat (which is also a quick dry) over that. I find that Blush-amour's clear polish doesn't cause crinkles in some shiny foils so I tend to resort to that when I'm using foils. In this case, no crinkles again, which is awesome! I use quick dry over all of it for the extra shiny and also to dry Blush-amour's polish quickly.

[Foil transfer: All Laced Up]
Unfortunately, the holo on the foil was much reduced with the topcoat over it. But you can still see some of the holo in the above pictures, better photographed in the blurry photos as usual.

It's a shame my nails are a little small - cause my hands are small :( - to properly display the lace pattern of the foils, but the foils do look rather gorgeous as is.


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