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Jul 29, 2013

Holo Hunting - Born Pretty Holo Polish #12

I'm back with another polish review from Born Pretty! When I saw their latest holo collection, I was super impressed by the colour range and holo flame visible. Jme and I were lucky enough to be provided with some bottles for review and she previously posted about shade #6, a pretty peach holo, so if you missed it, you can check it out here!

[Bottle to nail: Born Pretty Holographic Polish #12 (2 coats)]
I, on the other hand, went for a dark shade in comparison. Here's Born Pretty Holographic Polish in 12#, an amazing deep green holo. I heard that this is a great sister polish to Glitter Gal's Lizard Belly, another dark green holo polish, but with much more green to it (Lizard Belly is very much a blackened green). I love green, and I love holos - match made in heaven!

[2 coats: Born Pretty Holographic Polish #12 in diffuse (top) and direct (bottom) light]
Shadewise, #12 is not a bright green. My photos are not super accurate unfortunately (the site product photos are fairly accurate) and I'll explain why in a bit. Under diffuse lighting (top photo), you can see the actual base shade which is a slightly dusty hunter green in a blackened blue base. Under direct lighting, the holo flame appears and the middle of the flame (the blue of the rainbow) is very distinct, giving the polish a much bluer/teal cast than the actual deep green polish shade.

[2 coats: Born Pretty Holographic Polish #12]
Application was really good! I was really pleased with this. All these photos are two coats except for on my ring finger which I tried three on. In this photo, it looks like the ring finger has a much deeper colour, making the holographic particles more obvious. However, in real life, it's hard to see any difference between 2 and 3 coats.

[2 coats: Born Pretty Holographic Polish #12]
The polish applied evenly in thin coats and dried extremely shiny! You didn't really need topcoat but I put a layer on anyway because I want this to last on my nails! You can sort of see it from my photos, but shade 12# is not a completely linear holo (that is, having a distinct flame shape). It's kinda a mix between linear and scattered holo, leaning more towards being a linear holographic polish.

These holo polishes normally $12.88 at Born Pretty, but are currently on sale for $5.59, yayyyy!! Check out this shade here, or see all 12(!!) of them here!

Born Pretty stocks lots of awesome nail art supplies as well, so do check out the other things for sale (and on sale!). Have a look at our previous reviews for Born Pretty for ideas. Once again, here's our discount code if you wanna take a little bit off your purchases! ;)


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