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Jul 18, 2013

Shifting Meadows - Savvy Galaxy

Savvy Galaxy caught my attention recently, and with the 'buy 2, get 1 free' sale at Priceline, I couldn't resist!

[Galaxy Savvy]
Savvy Galaxy is a blue-green duochrome foil with tiny holo flakes. The colour isn't like the numerous Chanel Peridot or OPI Just Spotted The Lizard dupes, and closer to the China Glaze Deviantly Daring colour. But it does have a stronger duochrome shift than Deviantly Daring.

Unfortunately, the flakes are practically non-existent in Galaxy. You can see occasional glimmers of them, but they're really small, so they hardly stand out sadly. I tried to photograph them here:

The little bits of shiny you see are the flakes.

So is Galaxy worth buying? Well, without the sale, it's only AUD3, so it's rather cheap anyway. If you don't have anything similar, it is plenty pretty. But if you do have something similar and just wanted it for the flakes, I would recommend giving it a pass.

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