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Jul 21, 2013

Shopping in Sydney - Sinful Colors Diamond Lust collection

Quick heads up! I was at Kmart two days ago and found that their Sinful Colors stand now stocks the Diamond Lust collection! This is a collection of 6 glitter mixes including holo diamonds and bar glitter! Each bottle retails for $4 (compared to $4.95 at Priceline, which I haven't seen stock these yet anyway). Sorry for the phone pics, but here's a little peek at them! Swatches to be posted throughout the coming week!

[Sinful Colors Diamond Lust: Crystal Clear (left) and Scene Stealer (right)]
On the left is Crystal Clear, a mix of small silver hexes, large silver holo diamonds and a ton of absolutely gorgeous iridescent teal-to-blue bar glitter. I'll be posting swatches of this tomorrow, so watch out! On the right is Scene Stealer, a mix of small orange-gold and pink hexes with large pink(?) holo diamonds. The pink hexes are actually a little bit smaller than the orangey gold ones. 

[Sinful Colors Diamond Lust: Rags to Riches (left) and I Dream in Jewels (right)]
On the left is Rags to Riches, a mix of small green and gold hexes, larger blue holo hexes and large blue holo diamonds. On the right is I Dream In Jewels, a mix of small gold and red-bronze hexes, and large gold holo diamonds. The red-bronze hexes are much tinier than the gold ones.

[Sinful Colors Diamond Lust: Gemtastic (left) and Queen of Deco (right)]
Finally, on the left here is Gemtastic, a super dense mix of three glitters of the same colour (tiny glitter, tiny bars, small hexes) and larger hexes of a slightly lighter blue. This one has no holo/diamond glitters. On the right is Queen of Deco, a mix of small pale purple and silver glitter with pale purple holo diamonds. A bit of a sister-polish to I Dream In Jewels.

I only saw six colours in the display - the collection has 8 colours, missing are Watch It Shine (silver-based) and Shine on Me (pink-based). You can spot these pretty easily by their bottle cap, these are silver instead of the regular black caps on Sinful Colors polishes! Jme and I will have some swatches up throughout the coming week so keep an eye out for that!


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