; Plisherrific: Seaside Glass - OPI Get Your Number

Jul 11, 2013

Seaside Glass - OPI Get Your Number

I found some old photos which I quite like, which I somehow forgot to post! So here we go:

[OPI Liquid Sand Get Your Number]
This is OPI's Liquid Sand Get Your Number. I love patting the rough texture on these polishes, which is possibly a strange reason to like a nail polish, but still valid for me. :)  Get Your Number is glittery while still classy. Helps that the blue-greeny holo sand-like glitter is just so pretty too.

I thought I would then try Get Your Number over Revlon Typhoon:

[Top coat: OPI Liquid Sand Get Your Number
Bottom coat: Revlon Typhoon]
It's not as gritty when layered over a blue base polish, but it's still an interesting effect.

This reminds me that I have to try the remaining two OPI Liquid Sand polishes! :D


  1. I recently got this polish and I can't wait to wear it. Great pictures! PS: I love touching the Liquid Sand polishes, too :-)