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Jul 4, 2013

Hello Holo - Born Pretty Holo Polish #6

Yesterday, Ev posted some really gorgeous nail decals. She did mention that I had my own review in store, and here it is! Born Pretty were nice enough to supply me with a nail polish, and it's a holo too! This is Hologram Effect #6.

[3 coats: Born Pretty Hologram Effect #6]
Now isn't this a lovely sight to see~  Click on the photos for bigger pics!

[Born Pretty Hologram Effect #6]
Rainbow in a bottle! This is the 6ml bottle I received.

[3 coats: Born Pretty Hologram Effect #6]
Ah, look at that rainbowy goodness~ I had to take some of the photos a little out of focus to capture the holo.

I don't usually like light pink nail polishes, but I do like this one a lot. It's work safe while being gorgeous and lovely to look at. The base colour is a pale pink-peach colour, which matched my skintone really nicely. As the colour is rather light and the nail polish is jelly-ish, there's still a visible nail line even after three coats of nail polish. Admittedly, I think you would get better coverage if your nails aren't at this length and the VNL would be far less noticeable on shorter nails, what with all the distracting holographic pretty!

The holographic microglitter are dense and they are almost as good as Color Club's Halo Hues collection. They might actually have the same holo density, but it's harder to see on Born Pretty's because the holo doesn't stand out as much against such a light shade. Application was smooth and easy.

[3 coats: Born Pretty Hologram Effect #6]
I took this photo at work and I thought it came out looking really pretty! My work has really great lighting...

Born Pretty's Holo Polish is their first own brand polish line. As you can see below, they have an interesting range of colours, and I'm actually eyeing a few others to buy for myself.

These holo polishes are currently on sale at Born Pretty, going for $5.59 instead of $12.88. And hey, hey, hey, we have a discount code for you!

Enjoy! :)


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