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Jul 8, 2013

Rose Sparks - Savvy Razzle & Dazzle

This is a gorgeous polish I picked up at Priceline just last week! =) Savvy has been coming out with lots of dupes recently and this one, Razzle and Dazzle, looks to be a pretty spot-on dupe of A England She Walks in Beauty.

[Bottle to nail: Savvy Razzle & Dazzle (3 coats)]
In the bottle, the polish looks a bit odd, like clumpy? Unmixed? But don't worry if that's what you see - this is how it's meant to look like! I think it's due to the extremely high density of tiny gold particles in the clear base. As you can tell from the photo, it also looks like some green-gold duochrome action is happening there. In addition to the gold, there's also large and small dusty pink hexes in Razzle & Dazzle.

[3 coats: Savvy Razzle & Dazzle]
You can probably wipe the brush off heaps and use it as a glitter topper, but here I've used it as a full mani. I've shown three coats, but with this nail length, it didn't look very much different from two coats.

[3 coats: Savvy Razzle & Dazzle]
The dusty pink hexes have a tendency to gather towards the tip of the nail as you pull the brush down, so my second and third coats were a mixture of brushstrokes and dabbling the glitter where I wanted it. Not that the formula was difficult to work with - I found it fine to use and dry time was average to quick.

[3 coats: Savvy Razzle & Dazzle]
Straight on, it's most definitely a pale gold with winks of pink, but at an angle as in the photo above, you can see some of green tinge. =) All the glitter laid flat and for three coats (plus topcoat), it actually isn't very thick on the nail at all.

[3 coats: Savvy Razzle & Dazzle]
My closeups sort of make it look patchy? But in real life, it isn't at all. Here's a crappy photo from afar to show you what it looks like. Basically, an EXTREMELY SHINY gold foil polish with hints of pink. If you're worried about patchiness, you could layer a gold foil underneath as well. =)

At only $3, this is a definite bargain! Savvy are certainly making bin-diving at Priceline an awesome experience... ;) Also, if I remember correctly, there's a 3 for 2 sale for Savvy products that began last Thursday. Bonus!


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