; Plisherrific: Shiny Sweaters - Born Pretty GN Feather #8

Aug 1, 2013

Shiny Sweaters - Born Pretty GN Feather #8

My fuzziness has arrived from Born Pretty! The brand is GN and this is #8 from their feather glitter collection.

[GN Feather #13]
GN Feather #8 might look like a blue and purple feather polish, but that's not quite right. GN #8 consists of tiny matte pale silver-pink bar glitter and medium-sized purple and holo hex glitter. With the light catching on the hex glitter, the nail polish looks like it's blue and purple overall.

[Base: Kleancolor Metallic Black
Top: GN Feather #13]
The holo glitter shifts mostly between blue, green, gold and red. The hex glitter is an interesting addition to the feathered polish look. The bar and hex glitter is quite dense, and it needs about three thin coats or two normal coats to get to the density on the nail as seen above. The bar glitter is very fine and they lay flat against the nail, no curling.

[Base: Kleancolor Metallic Black
Top: GN Feather #13]
I tried to capture how pretty the hex glitter is. The bar glitter is matte in comparison, but it really stands out against a black base. The overall look is quite interesting! It's like having shiny sequins on a fuzzy sweater!

Of course, be careful what you use as your base colour. For some reason, I thought neon green would be interesting as a base for this. Noooooot really!

For reading to the end of this post, you get a discount code if you decide to spend a little at Born Pretty!

Enjoy! :D

CORRECTION: The nail polish being reviewed is #8. We've been advised that the numbers on the site might not match the label on the bottle, but #8 is what we are reviewing. :)


  1. On the site it looks like it might be #3 instead of #13?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! It turns out it was #8 instead. The label shows #13, but Born Pretty has said that the numbers on the site might not match the label on the bottle. It's still the right polish that I ordered though! :)