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Jun 24, 2013

Top Tips - Canmake #30

I went through a brief period of not liking strong colours on my nails but still wanting to play around with polish so here's a twist on the french manicure that I ended up using.

[Bottle to nail: Canmake #30 (2 coats)]
I picked up Canmake #30 while I was in Japan last year. This one is an aqua jelly base packed with iridescent glitters of various sizes, mostly shifting between shades of blue and gold. 

[Tips: Canmake #30 (2 coats)]
I used two coats of glitter polish on the free edge of each nail before putting a generous layer of topcoat over the full nail to even things out! My nails look a bit yellow in these photos for some reason but they definitely were fine in real life! It was pretty interesting to have a more "subtle" manicure (in my books, anyways!).


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