; Plisherrific: On Fire - Sally Hansen Lava

Jun 20, 2013

On Fire - Sally Hansen Lava

Everyone has seen this gorgeous nail polish on the market and in swatches, but I couldn't resist putting up my photos anyway.

[2 Coats: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava]
Obviously, this is Sally Hansen's Lava, from the Lustre Shine collection. I have so many multichromes and duochromes that I wasn't too sure I would get this too. I gave in anyway because I'm weak, but I have no regrets!

Lava is a duochrome foil, which makes for a much better finish than shimmers - mostly because I find duochrome shimmers to be streaky. Lava is a rose-pink to gold-orange duochrome. The colour shift on Lava is amazing and hard to miss. Any slight streaky-ness and the visible tips of my nails are due to the fast dry nail polish.


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