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Jun 6, 2013

Tea Rose - Revlon Violet Zing

Hello all! This features yet another oldie but goodie! :D

I found this in the randomest manner. I was waiting for my parents and I just wandered over to a big box of nail polishes, and this was sitting right at the top. Wow!

[Two coats: Revlon VioletZing]
This is Revlon VioletZing, which is a duochrome, changing from peach colour to pink. It's not super obvious, but it's definitely noticeable. You can see a little of the change in colour in the first photo, where it's peachy near the cuticles and pink nearer to the nail tips. In the second photo, the colour difference on each nail is noticeable.

For such an old polish, the quality is rather good. No streaking and it's easy to apply.

[Two coats: Revlon VioletZing]
Taken under bright sunlight and sharp shadows, the nail polish does look a little different.

Any of you have any Revlon Zings and willing to share your thoughts on? :D


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