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Jun 22, 2013

Plisherrific: ON THE LINE

So with the sad end of Google Reader and (the unofficial but apparently expected end of)
Google Friend Connect... we'd like to remind everyone that there's a
whole bunch of ways to keep up with updates from Plisherrific!

Hurray for fancy import function so you can transfer all your Reader subscriptions over all easy-like!

A lot of people are making the hop over to Bloglovin, so in case you weren't aware,
Plisherrific has had a Bloglovin account since its inception. =)

We also automatically post links to blog updates on Twitter.

Do click on the links above or check out our sidebar links to make sure you don't miss out! =)
Hope to keep seeing y'all around!



  1. Erm heyy just to let you know hellocotton has closed down since April, if I'm not wrong.

    1. Gosh! Thanks for letting me know! That'll teach me to not check all my links before posting.. =p