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Jun 13, 2013

Smokey Steel - Covergirl Midnight Magic

Hey ho! I was at Target looking for something and as usual, I couldn't help but stop by the make-up aisle of course. Lo and behold, a sale on all CoverGirl nail polish! At $2.95, it was hard to resist. There weren't any colours I particularly fancied, but the following did catch my eye.

[CoverGirl Midnight Magic]
At first, under poor lighting, I thought CoverGirl Midnight Magic was more of a mid-blue with gold glitter. As you can see, I was pretty wrong.

[CoverGirl Midnight Magic]
This is an odd duck to me. It's a blue foil, with almost greenish undertones, and it has gold, green and pink microglitter. At certain angles, the pink microglitter comes across more strongly and the nail polish looks like a bluey-lavender-gray colour instead.

All in all, it makes for an interesting, pretty foil and I rather like it. :)


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