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Mar 14, 2013

Splash and Splatter - Nyx Girl Algae, Blue Black Gold

Oh foils, I'm loving you a lot more now! This isn't actually the first thing I tried out of the bag of gifts Ev gave me but it's so pretty that I just wanted to share it immediately!

[Base: Nyx Girl Algae; Foil: Blue Black Gold]
I had to look this up but it looks like the foil is called Blue Black Gold...missing the colour purple in its name! The gold isn't just a gold colour. It looks like gold foil/flakes. All of these have a coat of Jordana Quick Shine Topcoat to seal the foil in.

Here's what I used as my base:

[Nyx Girl Algae]
The base is Nyx Girls' Algae. It's a dusky blueish-green, just slightly greener than the blue on the foil.

[Base: Nyx Girl Algae; Foil: Blue Black Gold]
Ah, so lovely~ I wore this one a whole week which is amazingly long for me. :P I think Blue Black Gold is the perfect foil to try if it's your first time using foil transfers. The pattern on the foil means that little flaws on the foil isn't visible.

My attempt at using foil transfers this time was almost a 100% improvement. I could see that the transfers were much cleaner this time compared to my past attempts and I think it's because of these two tips Ev gave me:

  1. Cut the foil closer to the size of your nails, especially keeping it close to the width of your nails. You're less likely to get wrinkling and loss of transfer at the edges if you do it that way. 
  2. Leave the coat of glue to dry for about 10 minutes.
Hope the tips help! :)


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