; Plisherrific: Illusionary - Ozotic 532 & 504, Kleancolor Metallic Black

Mar 1, 2013

Illusionary - Ozotic 532 & 504, Kleancolor Metallic Black

Yesterday I posted a mani of Kleancolor Metallic Black. Here's what I layered over that!

[Ozotic 532 over Ozotic 504 over black]
This is Ozotic 532 layered over Ozotic 504 with the whole thing over the black base. 504 has a deep purple to red duochrome flash. 532 has a lighter green to blue to purple multichrome with a holo shimmer. I love these two polishes, that's why I wanted to see the result of a combination.

The final product is a blue to purple colour-shift plus holo. If you add one more coat of 532, you see green at sharp angles too. All in all, it makes for an interesting combo!

[Ozotic 532 over Ozotic 504 over black]
The above three photos are just to show the obvious blue to purple shift depending on how the light hits the nail. Looks pretty good to me!

I do quite like my Ozotics but I note that they sometimes bubble. It's not obvious and you can't really see them in the photos but I find that bubbling is something that occurs more with shimmer/colour-shift type polishes.


  1. That is a stunning combination, thanks for detailing how to create that effect! There's so many options nowadays with nail polishes, but it takes an artistic flair to get a result like this.