; Plisherrific: Glitter Parade - Femme Fatale Party Grenade, Zoya Mimi

Mar 28, 2013

Glitter Parade - Femme Fatale Party Grenade, Zoya Mimi

I wish I had better photos! This is what I wore on the day of Mardi Gras, which was also my birthday. :)

[Femme Fatale Party Grenade over Zoya Mimi]
Femme Fatale's Party Grenade is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzyyyy. There are so many different types of glitter and they're all really easy to get out of the bottle. No fishing needed. It's always a little harder to spread big glitter over long nails because they tend to drag to the tips. Or that could be my fail skillz...

I'm going to try to describe what glitter there is in Party Grenade but I'm sure I'll miss some: Green, red, pink, black, holo blue square glitter, black, white, holo silver diamond glitter, big red square glitter, small red, blue, black, pink, gold hex/square glitter. All of this are suspended in a clear base. Zoya Mimi, which is my base nail polish here, is a gorgeous, purple polish.

Party Grenade was easy to apply and was a real party on the nails. Next time I'll try this against nude or cream-colour. :)


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