; Plisherrific: Chinoiserie - Color Club Cloud Nine, Midnight Blue Floral

Mar 4, 2013

Chinoiserie - Color Club Cloud Nine, Midnight Blue Floral

I missed last week's post due to being pretty terribly ill, but I am all recovered now and to make up for it, I've picked a pretty floral manicure for today!

[New Year Chinoiserie]
I wore this one during the Lunar New Year celebrations last month. As it was a foil transfer, it was a quick, no-fuss way to get a fancy look with minimal effort!

[1 coat: Color Club Cloud Nine]
I used a holographic base this time - Color Club Cloud Nine from the Halo Hues Collection. This is a pale purple linear holographic polish. Seen here at one coat, it's opaque in two if you're using it on its own. (Sorry about the stubby, I broke my nail just before doing this mani...=/ )

[Base: Color Club Cloud Nine (1 coat); Foil: Midnight Blue Floral]
The foil transfer is called Midnight Blue Floral and it's a beaut! The majority is opaque, but the flower petals and butterfly wings are slightly translucent so the holographic base shows through! A cream base works well with this transfer too if you want to keep the entire look non-glittery.

[Base: Color Club Cloud Nine (1 coat); Foil: Midnight Blue Floral]
So there you go! Check out my previous foil transfer post for a look at what a transparent foil would look like instead.

Remember, with foil transfers, patience is the key! Let your glue dry as long as you can. 5-10 mins is awesome. With this kind of transfer (non-shiny), there's less of a wrinkling issue, but avoid quick-dry topcoats over them anyway. I usually use a layer of regular topcoat first, then quick-dry after if I really want that shiny glossy finish. =)


  1. Sucks about the nub! But otherwise and verrrry(!!) beautiful mani. Are the foils hard to use?

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your comment! These transfer foils are much easier to use than nail foil strips, in my opinion. They might take a bit to get the hang of, but once you figure it out, it's so quick and easy. =) You can pick some up (along with the foil glue) on eBay or at DollarNailArt.com.

  2. Love this! The foil details are so shiny. :)

  3. Where do you get your foil from?