; Plisherrific: Lady Like - Rimmel Fondant Fancy

Dec 4, 2017

Lady Like - Rimmel Fondant Fancy

A simple work-safe creme mani for today...

[Bottle to nail: Rimmel Fondant Fancy (2 coats)]
This is Rimmel Salon Pro Fondant Fancy, a dusty mauve creme. It's a bit darker on the nail than in the photos and in the bottle. Not quite the shade I think of when I think of fondant though!

[2 coats: Rimmel Fondant Fancy]
Definitely a nice no-fuss polish - excellent application, opaque and level in 2 coats. You could possibly get away with one thick coat on short nails.

[2 coats: Rimmel Fondant Fancy]
As I mentioned before, it's a bit darker than I expected so maybe more of a autumn/winter shade than all this warm weather we're currently having here!


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