; Plisherrific: Pink Lemonade - Born Pretty Colour Changing Thermal #025

Dec 15, 2017

Pink Lemonade - Born Pretty Colour Changing Thermal #025

Time for a gauge on the temperature!

[Sweet summer pink!]
This is Born Pretty's 025 from their colour changing thermal collection here. As you can see, it's a sweet peach pink when warm at normal human temperature, and a medium pink when it's cool like how it was on the tips of my nails.

[Nails to bottle: Born Pretty #025]

I was feeling a little warmer when I took the photo against the nail polish bottle here, so you can see how that affects the overall look, the tips having lightened considerably.

[Born Pretty #025]
I find polish #025 to be very sensitive to temperature which makes it an excellent mani to have when you have rather long nails. No need for cold water and warm water just to show you the colour change, which it's usually necessary what with summer being in full swing over here. Typically when it's this warm, you only see the warm colours for thermal nail polish, but #025 managed to pick up on the slight difference in temperature between the tips of my nails compared to the nail bed. When I was in the office where the air conditioning is on at full blast, the pink on the tips get even a shade darker.

All in all, I rather like this one and it makes for a very pretty work-appropriate nail polish. You can check out similar items at Born Pretty and use our 10% discount code for full priced items!


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