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Nov 27, 2017

Dusty Vintage - Born Pretty Matte Polish 015

I remember when matte topcoats became a thing... I was so impressed! I thought, wow, the possibilities! But years later, I still collect matte polishes....No regrets...!

[Bottle to nail: Born Pretty Matte Polish 015 (2 coats)]
So today I'm reviewing a matte polish generously provided for review from Born Pretty. You can purchase this here, and there are 9 different shades available, all in a nice dusty vintage sort of look. Also, they are currently on sale for only USD1.99, bargain!

[In the bottle: Born Pretty Matte Polish 015]
The one I have for you today is 015, a slightly pinky dusty lavender shade. The photos on the nail are more true-to-shade than the bottle pic above. This polish also comes in a cardboard box with a circular cutout so you can see the shade inside.

[2 coats: Born Pretty Matte Polish 015]
This polish has a thick creamy formula that dries quickly as most matte polishes do. The first coat tended to be uneven and needed careful application to get a level finish. The second coat will not level it out! It actually enhances any uneven finish, so make sure to get your first coat right!

[2 coats: Born Pretty Matte Polish 015]
I found the thick formula a bit harder to work with and you need to take a bit more care with application. It's probably not toooo obvious to the eye, but I'm a bit fussy about an even finish.

I really love this colour though, so if you want to check out this collection, head over to Born Pretty! This is already super discounted, but if there are other full-priced products catching your eye, our 10% off code above will help you out!


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