; Plisherrific: Gold Veins - LA Girl Delirious, African Jade nail transfer foil

Jun 1, 2015

Gold Veins - LA Girl Delirious, African Jade nail transfer foil

Work has been so busy recently! My colleagues have mentioned how surprised they are that I haven't had polish on my nails for a while, oh dear...

Well, when times are busy, a good transfer foil is a quick way to get a fancy manicure on...

[What it says...]
This is one of the first transfer foils I ever purchased - African Jade, a matte teal base with gold foil patterning over it. Sorta already looks like an abstract gold foiled over a polish base!

[Bottle to nail: LA Girl Delirious]
I started with a matching base as usual to hide any spots where the transfer was missed. This is LA Girl Color Addict in Delirious, a teal with gold shimmer. I previously swatched it, so for more on that polish, check out this post.

[Transfer foil: African Jade]
I then put on a layer of foil glue over the whole nail and waited 10-15 minutes (I got distracted..) before applying the transfer. For more comprehensive steps for using nail transfer foils, you can look through our tag. =)

[Transfer foil: African Jade]
The final product! I used a quickdry topcoat because I didn't mind the gold part wrinkling up. As the teal bits don't wrinkle, it adds a bit of textural contrast between the two shades! I'm all hyped up to used more of my massive(ly unused) collection of nail art foils, so perhaps there'll be more posts like this in the near future...


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