; Plisherrific: Sea Glass - LA Girl Delirious, Australis Speck-tacular

Sep 29, 2014

Sea Glass - LA Girl Delirious, Australis Speck-tacular

Here's a polish I picked up a while ago but didn't get around to using (for a full mani) till recently!

[Bottle to nail: LA Girl Delirious (2 coats)]
This is LA Girl Delirious from the Color Addict collection. If I remember correctly, the polishes from this collection tended to be creams with heavy gold shimmer. Delirious is no exception!
[2 coats: LA Girl Delirious]
This one's a pretty blue-leaning aqua, on the slightly dustier side, with heavy golden shimmer. It's much clearer on the nail than my photos show, but if you look at the bottle pic right at the start, you can see a big flash of the gold shimmer under the Color Addict logo. No problems with formula - full opacity in two coats with reasonable dry time and lots of gloss!

[Base: LA Girl Delirious (2 coats); Flakies: Australis Speck-tacular (1 coat)]
I think I was looking over some old posts and wanted to try Australis Speck-tacular out again, so I did! I've previously reviewed Speck-tacular here, but quick reminder.. it's a mix of orange, blue, green and gold flakies with a light dash of duochrome in there. This here is one coat of Speck-tacular.

I don't think this is a particular memorable manicure for some reason! I'll have to experiment with this base colour a bit more, I reckon!!


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