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Jun 29, 2015

Smoky Sands - Layla Softouch Effect Stone

Apologies for being super slack-arse the past two weeks! I've been crazy busy but it's an exciting time. Anyways, I spent a few days last week in Canberra for a conference so here's what I wore on my nails...

[Bottle to nail: Layla Softouch Effect Stone (2 coats)]
You thought I was done with these Layla Softouch Effect, but I'm not! Here's Layla Softouch Effect in Stone, a gorgeous gray matte velvet/suede finish with a strong purple cast. I thought Stone was an odd name at first, but after putting it on, I think it really suits!

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Stone]
As I've said before, the Softouch series is really great for adding a bit of colour while somehow keeping in "worksafe" territory. Or maybe that's just me....?! Jme's also done a jazzed up version of this in combination with Zoya Harlow, which you can check out here!

[2 coats: Layla Softouch Effect Stone]
I've loved every single colour I've tried from this range and this is no exception. Formula was great. I used two coats and no topcoat and it lasted and lasted! Super impressed!!


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