; Plisherrific: Sea Scales - W7 Mosaic

Jun 25, 2015

Sea Scales - W7 Mosaic

I hadn't tried W7 nail polishes before and this makes for a pleasant surprise!

[W7 Mosaic]
So I picked this up from one of the Chemist Warehouse chain stores. I hadn't seen many interesting W7 nail polishes in most Sydney stores so I was pretty surprised when I saw this one. I guess they must have sold out on the interesting glitter polishes in the stores I had checked out before.

[W7 Mosaic]
W7's Mosaic has a light blue base with blue-purple and gold hex glitter. The formula is pretty good, with a great glitter pay off and a smooth application. The blue base is just jelly enough that you can still see the faded glitter that is one coat under.

Mosaic is a simple polish but I don't think I have this combo of colours and glitter in my stash, and I like how it looks. The gold glitter gives the polish just the right amount of gleam to make it all that prettier.


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