; Plisherrific: Golden Asphalt - Ulta3 Galaxy

Jun 8, 2015

Golden Asphalt - Ulta3 Galaxy

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend! It's certainly passing too quickly for my tastes... =)

[Bottle to nail: Ulta3 Galaxy (2 coats)]
Today I have a gorgeous textured polish from Ulta3's recent collection. This is Galaxy, a combination of grey, silver and gold that combines to give an aged gold/bronze finish.

[Direct light: Ulta3 Galaxy (2 coats)]
[Diffuse light: Ulta3 Galaxy (2 coats)]
The textured effect also means you get quite a bit of sparkle as you can see in the top photo under direct lighting, which suits me just fine! I've included a pic with diffuse light as well to better show the colours that make up this polish.

[2 coats: Ulta3 Galaxy]
Formula was great, opaque in two coats with nice even coverage. I added a layer of topcoat anyway but the polish retains its textured finish. You could probably smoothen it out with a nice thick coat of Seche Vite or something similar.

Overall very impressed! I'd like to pick up more from this collection but this was the only one I could find at the time. Definitely the most unique and my favourite of the collection though!


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