; Plisherrific: Rainbow Parade - LA Girl, elianto, Revlon, Orly

Mar 8, 2014

Rainbow Parade - LA Girl, elianto, Revlon, Orly

Mardi Graaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss!

[Purple: LA Girl Hustle
Blue: elianto unknown
Green: elianto S02
Orange: Orly Orange Punch
Ring finger: Base of Revlon Guava Glam with neon studs on top]
In celebration of Mardi Gras last Saturday, I decided to go with a skittle mani and added rainbow neon studs for the accent nail. The purple on the index finger definitely looks purpler in real life. The previous post contains a swatch of Revlon's Guava Glam, if you're interested to check it out.

I like how the rainbow studs turned out! :D  If I had more patience, I would use the studs for more than just the accent nail.


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