; Plisherrific: Salmon Beaches - Tribal Colours Liquid-Sand Suede Glitter

Sep 5, 2013

Salmon Beaches - Tribal Colours Liquid-Sand Suede Glitter

It's always fun to get to try out nail polishes of different texture! Lots of companies have been producing heavily textured, matte nail polishes, but they all vary in how course and how shiny the nail polish is once it dries. The one I'm swatching today is sent from Born Pretty, and it's the pink nail polish from the #10 set of mini Tribal Colours nail polishes. The bottles aren't individually labelled so I don't have a number/name. My best guess is that it's #13 from the same line of nail polishes in full size.

[Tribal Colours Liquid-Sand Suede Glitter]
I think Tribal Colours Liquid Sand collection more closely resembles OPI's matte suede nail polishes from a couple years back. However, since the base colour is a light, sweet pink, the silvery shimmer doesn't have a big contrast to really shine.

When the nail polish dries with just two coats, you can see more of the textured roughness that is famous in OPI's liquid sand collection, but it's still not as course as OPI's. In these photographed swatches, they are all three coats to cover the nail line. At three coats, you don't see the roughness of the nail polish as much anymore.

[Tribal Colours Liquid-Sand Suede Glitter]
Overall, I rather like this nail polish. The pink colour is sweet and work appropriate, while the finish means that it's something different from the norm. I haven't seen liquid sand lookalikes in this shade before, which is a worthwhile note to make I feel.

As a pressie for sticking to the very end, feel fee to use this code at Born Pretty!


  1. This looks very pretty even if it's not overly textured. I love the colour and your swatches!

    1. I'm not someone who is overly fond of pink, but I quite like this, possibly because it's not just a normal pink.

      Thanks for the comment! :)