; Plisherrific: Fickle Peacock - Ku Ni #10

Sep 19, 2013

Fickle Peacock - Ku Ni #10

Holy batman, look at all these colours on each nail! I was salivating after this polish after I saw it on Born Pretty over here but I was fully expecting for it to be mediocre when it was sent to us for review, because colour-shifting polishes can be disappointing sometimes. But the colour shift here is strong!

[Fluorescent lighting: Ku Ni #10 over black]
 My biggest critique of these nail polishes (and a large number on Born Pretty) is the name, because I have to write it out now, and it sounds absurd and really generic. I wonder if they take name suggestions... Anyway, on the website, this nail polish range is called, 'Dazzling Magical Colorful Glitter' and on the bottle it's called, 'Fashion Brightly Colored'. Yeah...  The brand of the nail polish on the bottle is Ku Ni, and this specific colour is #10 on the website and on the bottle.

Naming conventions aside, isn't it gorgeous??  The colour shift goes from a strong emerald green to a strong purple. On its own, the base is too sheer to build to full opacity, so this is layered over black. Two coats of #10 over black leaves so much microglitter that the mani looks like a foil nail polish rather than a topcoat over black.

Here's the same mani under indirect sunlight instead of fluorescent lighting.

[Indirect sunlight: Ku Ni #10 over black]
I find most colour shift nail polishes to be much duller under indirect sunlight, but this one is still looking rather pretty. It's not as vibrant compared to previous pictures, but the colour shift is still unmistakeable.

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  1. Hahaha yeah, despite it's unattractive naming, this polish is such a beau! Ohh I love how it matches your blog's profile picture :D Really cool!