; Plisherrific: Purple Frost - Revlon Girly, Revlon Iced Lilac

Sep 9, 2013

Purple Frost - Revlon Girly, Revlon Iced Lilac

Today I have a quick layering mani using two Revlon polishes!

[Double the Revlon!]
I wanted to try out Revlon Iced Lilac, a pale purple with a strong teal shimmer but it seemed like it would be a fairly sheer polish so I decided to pick out some matching undies for it!

[Bottle to nail: Revlon Girl (1-2 coats)]
My pick was Revlon Girly, from the Edgy Elegance collection. This is a pale purple foil/metallic shade that goes on a bit creamy but is super opaque and works really well as a base colour for light/sheer polishes

[1-2 coats: Revlon Girly]
Most polishes from the Edgy Elegance collection dry slightly matte and gritty, which I find an interesting finish! I think this may have been either one or two coats, depending on the nail size.

[Bottle to nail: Revlon Iced Lilac (1 coat) over Revlon Girly]
I then put a layer ot Revlon Iced Lilac over the top and this is what I ended up with! Check out Iced Lilac in the bottle - that teal gleam is amazing!

[1 coat: Revlon Iced Lilac over Revlon Girly]
My photos don't really do this combination justice because the teal shimmer is super obvious in real life! Oh well, I'm glad I found both of these bin-hunting at the markets as usual. I expect Girly to be quite the workhorse, and one can never have too many fancy shimmery vintage Revlons!


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