; Plisherrific: Jewel Tones - Ulta3 Flashback Fuchsia, LA Splash Embellished

Sep 23, 2013

Jewel Tones - Ulta3 Flashback Fuchsia, LA Splash Embellished

There are always those polishes that look so absolutely gorgeous in person, but you can never capture it properly in photographs. That drives me craaazy sometimes! Aaaah! 

[Sparkle-arkle to the max!]
In case you haven't guessed, today's is one of those... =p

[Bottle to nail: Ulta3 Flashback Fuchsia (1 coat)]
I started with a base of Ulta3 Flashback Fuchsia, which is really not a fuchsia to me? More of a berry red creme. Excellent formula and opaque in one coat.

[1 coat: Ulta3 Flashback Fuchsia]
Another big plus is it dries so beautifully glossy! Check out that "new car" shine on them tips!

[Bottle to nail: LA Splash Embellished (1 coat) over Ulta3 Flashback Fuchsia]
I used this as a base for LA Splash Embellished, a super gorgeous combination of magenta/fuchsia holo glitter in a matching jelly base. This is one coat of Embellished, but it actually reaches opacity on its own in about three coats. I just didn't want to deal with removing lots of glitter polish at the time.

[1 coat: LA Splash Embellished over Ulta3 Flashback Fuchsia]
It's so so shiny and sparkly in person but it's just so impossible to capture it in photos! I love how in addition to the holo, there's a lot of blue glitter in it, which makes it just that bit more unique. LA Splash is definitely responsible for a number of my favourite glitter polishes and I recommend trying some out if you have a chance!


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