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Aug 29, 2013

Pretty Toxic - Pahlish Chemical Swirl

Not the best of pictures, but I really like Pahlish's Chemical Swirl too much not to show them on my previously long nails! So here are some photos, taken on my phone while standing in the sun obviously.

[3 thin coats of Pahlish Chemical Swirl]
Isn't it lovely? Oh, I wish I had better photos to show off this nail polish. This is Chemical Swirl on its own, no base, and no need to fish for glitter. The base is a purple creme and there's this insane assortment of glitter. I can't even describe them all because I could be here all day listing them. There are also holo-ish glitter in the mix, which adds to the pretty.

[3 thin coats of Pahlish Chemical Swirl]
This last picture doesn't capture the base colour accurately. It looks like a dark jelly glitter, when the base is more creme-like (while still not covering the glitter completely). But you can see a little of the fine silver-blue holo glitter in the base, adding a little bit of a shimmer (though the microglitter is a bit big and not dense enough to be a real shimmer).

All in all, if you're a purple lover and a glitter lover, I think you'll want this one in your collection!

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  1. I love purple! This is so pretty. Love the glitters on it too. Its not too dark and not too light. Great choice!