; Plisherrific: Sweet Summer Shades - Alanna Renee Mardi

Aug 8, 2013

Sweet Summer Shades - Alanna Renee Mardi

I rarely wear pink, but I quite like this pink mani! The title is rather funny to me, considering that it's winter here in Australia right now, but the nail polish really does seem like a summerish polish.

[Alanna Renee Mardi]
This is Alanna Renee Mardi. It's shiny and it glides onto the nails. Seriously, I love the application. It has a pink base, fine gold glitter and bright pink hex glitter. When the pink and gold glitter really catches the light, it's such a pretty mesh of shininess.

You can see below that at three coats, you can still see a little VNL, but it's not obvious really unless you stare at it in person.

[Three coats: Alanna Renee Mardi]
 Conclusion? I rather like it and wish I had more AR polishes!

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