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Aug 15, 2013

Toastie Toes - Pedi-Sox Ultra Baby Leopard

You might have seen reviews of Pedi-Sox floating around and I'm going to add my two cents to the pool! What you'll see here is Ultra Pedi-Sox in Baby Leopard.

AND FEET! WARNING, YOU WILL SEE FEET OMG! Well, mostly toes, but you get my drift. It's not something you often see on this blog so I thought I should include a warning. :P

It comes in rather nifty packaging.

The website describes Ultra Pedi-Sox as:

Luxuriate....."Extend the Pleasure of the Pedicure Experience"™. Rich caressing luxury stylish & contemporary yarns are Ultra Thick  for cozy goodness.... Ultra Soft for comfy pleasure.....and Ultra Massaging to soften skin deliciously.  Ultra Pedi-Sox™ Ultra Luxury.

Why, yes, I do have pajamas pants that match the socks! :P  It was a real lovely and amusing coincidence that I was wearing this pair during this review, I promise you.

Now, it's winter here in Australia right now and it's c-c-c-cooold. I'm very precious about having literal cold feet so I don't often do a pedicure during winter. I can't tell you if wearing Ultra Pedi-Sox after moisturising my feet has helped soften my skin, since it's been too short a time since I started using this to really tell. But it has done wonders to keep my feet warm!

When I paint my toenails during winter, I usually just suffer with cold feet until my nail polish dries. A few times, I have jumped into sock/slippers anyway before my painted toenails completely dried and ended up with a ruined pedi. After the first 15 minutes of wear, Pedi-Sox does keep your feet warm despite the exposed toes. My little toes are strangely short so they look almost hidden here but the socks are actually just right to paint all the nails no problem.

Because it's rather tightly elasticised, there's no slippage when wearing the Pedi-Sox and walking around with them on. I had these on for a few hours with no issues.

The nail polish I'm wearing is by indie seller Shimmer and it's called Karen. It is super, super shiny and pretty on the toenails! I'll review it properly one day. :)

Stay tuned as we'll do a giveaway of Pedi-Sox soon!

And thank you to Pedi-Sox for sending this to me for review!


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