; Plisherrific: Glittering Green - J.Cat Beauty Kiwi Sparkle

Aug 22, 2013

Glittering Green - J.Cat Beauty Kiwi Sparkle

This isn't a new brand but it's the first time I've seen J.Cat Beauty being sold in Sydney (at Haymarket) and I want to buy so many of their colours, ahaha!

[J.Cat Beauty Kiwi Sparkle]
Isn't the bottle pretty? I quite like its shape, and how it's different enough that you can distinguish it from the other brands. Plus, it feels solid. I like the little cat logo in its name as well.

Some of the colours they have are very similar to Sinful Colors' range so I was wondering if they were sister companies of sorts, but looking at both their websites, there seems to be no connection.

[3 coats: J.Cat Beauty Kiwi Sparkle]
Here's the first colour I tried out from them. This is called Kiwi Sparkle, and it's glitter bomb consisting of green and gold glitter. I didn't use any coloured base coat, so I was impressed that I could reach full opacity in three thin coats. I did miss a little of my tips in some areas, but considering the length of my nails and that the bald spots are barely visible, I think that's pretty good.

The polish itself is a little thick, but it wasn't hard to handle. All in all, it delivered in glitter and I quite like this new, affordable brand to add to my collection. :)


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