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May 2, 2013

Stormy Stretch - Revlon Typhoon

In a strange twist, it's actually rather hard to find time to edit photos and post them when you're on a vacation! But I do my best!

[Revlon Typhoon]
Revlon Top Speed Typhoon is an oldie but a goodie. I dug it up in one of those places that sells really old nail polishes for a low price. This nail polish might be 10+ years old but it's still going good. If you look at the left side of the bottle in the photo above, you can see a hint of a purple shimmer. It's more obvious in person, but the purple shimmer doesn't translate at all when the polish is on nails.

[2 coats Revlon Typhoon]
Even without the purple shimmer, I quite like how Typhoon looks. It's not as metallic as the polish in the bottle might suggest, but it's a vibrant mid-blue shimmer that applies rather prettily.

On that note... I do miss how my long nails look in photos. I broke a nail more than a week ago so my nails no longer look like this sadly. :(

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  1. I have this one from years and years ago! It is pretty.