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May 16, 2013

Bright and Cheery - elianto S02

I was just saying to Ev that I wouldn't be buying anymore nail polish and lo and behold, here we go!

[One thick coat of elianto S02]
I found this Korean store called elianto which sells cosmetics and all sorts of pretty nail polishes! All of the plishes are made in Korea.

elianto S02 is a grassy green creme and I love it. The picture above is under indoor lighting and the colour is a tad more neon in the photo than it is in real life. The nail polish is pretty glossy even without a topcoat (only the last finger has a topcoat in the photo above). I have a neon shimmer in about the same shade and I really dislike it, but it turns out that I just needed the shade in creme. :)

[Base: elianto s02
Tips: unknown blue elianto polish]
As always, when it started chipping at the edges after a couple days, I added French tips in blue. The above picture is under indirect sunlight. The blue nail polish is from elianto too but it is without the sticker with its code! After browsing swatches online, I think it could be elianto Dodger Blue (some of their polishes have names, some have codes), but I can't be sure. :(

Both nail polishes were a little thick, but I suspect a few drops of thinner will solve that. They're rather cheap (after conversion, nearly AUD2) and have fairly nice quality. I would buy more if I had the space for much more!


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